This is interesting...

What we are living just right now with the Tunisian and Egyptian Revolutions, and soon the The Yemen, Jordania, Algeria, ..., are very important events which are irreversible, and the Elites knows that.

The anger of the people is genuine and real but the Revolution in itself has been provoked by the very same elites who control the world today.

This Revolution has been provoked by a food shortage and a high inflation in the prices of food which has been delibertaly by the elitist satanist IMF and WB.

The globalist elites want to liberate the arab world in order to permit to the muslim to take the power. Of course, itàs very legitimate that the muslim take the power as 98% of the Tunisians and 90% of the Egyptians are muslim.

The satanist are of course not promoting islam, all they want is to turn the muslim arab people against Israel, in order to push a Middle East war which will mutually dstroy both muslims and zionists.

This war will be the trigger for a WW3 on the basis of religious conflicts, which goal is to make the people reject definitely the montheistic religion, in other words, to make deny our true Faith in God.

This WW3 would only be solved by the coming of the Dajjal of will start his reign over the New World Order, and the people will accept without difficulty his New Age One-World-Religion which is no more than disguised Satanism.

The dajjal Maitreya Raj Patel is already on earth and he's more and more influential thanks to the full support of the elites.

The Arabic Revolution is based on the high inflation on food prices and under the action of the IMF and the WB, this high inflation is being spread over the whole world. This food shortage is all staged and is to put the Dajjal Raj Patel (who introduces himself as a food expert) at the center of the debate.

The Arabic Revolution is the first step towards the reign of the Dajjal Maitreya Raj Patel.

Beware of all these manipulations, don't trust neither your governments nor the media, but put your faith in God, redeem yourself, stick to the teachings of
the Quran. This is all about your Soul!!!