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Just found this very very interesting update info regarding this topic!!...

A city covering ... literally ... thousands of square miles of lunar surface!

So, the obvious question has to be:

"How come!?--

"How come we are being allowed now to see all this truly unbelievable, amazing, official lunar evidence ... let alone, as it is being simultaneously released to all the media ... by the NASA LCROSS Project Office itself!?"

Which led me back to my earlier, political speculations -- concerning the real, long-term objectives of LCROSS ... all the way back to its "sudden origins" ... in 2007:

All the evidence we've now presented, increasingly supports the staggering idea that this, indeed, represents some sort of "rapidly accelerating LCROSS Plan ... for the imminent disclosure of--

'Intelligently-designed ruins' on the Moon!"

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I thought it worthy to start a new thread as the original seemed like old news and these new findings deserve more attention. Please read the new findings from as above.

I think this very interesting

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