A language possibly built for confusing, for instanceÖWe drive on the parkway and park in a drive way? lol

The more I think about the story ďTower of BabelĒ I canít help but to think how much we are being duped everyday. Not only does language separate the masses but it also promotes false outlooks on intellect and present disempowerment. Now, Iím no English Major but I do feel I select my words carefully.

At times I feel the language itself was set up to express things in terms of lack-
EX: ďHow are you?Ē You see, this short question already implies that you might not be well. We have been tricked into using words that are disempowering. To use the Hopi Indianís language is to understand that everything is one and inside of you, no need for looking outside of it and the language speaks of no lackÖmany indigenous languages have no past tense. When speaking, you influence the field around you. Everything is vibration and words do have an impact on your lifeÖprobably way more then we know. Maybe certain words unlock and/or lock certain abilities. In some cultures verbal sounds are more important then the actual word. This could be an indication of why certain racial groups respond in various ways to certain words and pitches. Sense Iím into music production, I can see how music affects people thru vibrationÖ so why not words?

Lawyers are a prime example of how the language is manipulated. They literally take your words and twist them into something else, they make fortunes doing this. Why the need for having different words with the same meaning? Or having different words that sound the same but spelled differently? Could this be purposely created to cause misunderstanding amongst the people, especially when itís been declared the international language. And Iím not going to get into it about the English superstars going around correcting other peopleís spelling and grammar, I donít know why (or care) when they do this, itís distracting and annoying, and often done to belittle others when their own arguments become weak. All in allÖI figure they do this to feel importantÖmeh. Everyoneís important. Ego, ego, ego away

Every day we use phrases and words that corrupt our desired manifestations. Below are some examplesÖ
I woke up on the wrong side of the bed, go break a leg, Iíll never get anything done, Iím feeling tired today, thatís driving me crazy, what an awful day it is outside today, I wish I knew, I donít have the time, the world is such a mess, the fighting in the Mid-East will never stop, youíre damned if you do and damned if you donít, better to do nothing, I canít do it, I donít know how, Itís too difficult, etcÖ

I can imagine other outside beings having a hard time understanding us when we use phrases like: raining cats and dogs, bite the bullet, paint the town red, kick the bucket, through the grape vine, etcÖ

And then we haveÖ"falling" in love? We often get hurt when we fall. Doesn't ascending in love sound more like love feels? Much of the disempowering comes from small talk. EX: ďI donít know but I will tryĒ . When you are trying to do something, you are not doing it. You build in failure by using the word try.

More phrasesÖ..

thatís the way itís always been
thatís the way weíve always done it
donít make waves
donít rock the boat
we like the old-fashioned ways
I donít need to know anymore than I already know
If it was good enough for ________________, then itís good enough for me
Iím not paid to make those kinds of decisions
Itís not my job
It was like that yesterday
nobody cares
let somebody else worry about it
itís good enough for now
why change now?
this is the only way
money doesnít grow on trees
life is hard
you canít have everything you want
I can only do one thing at a time
itís just not possible
Iím set in my ways
you canít teach an old dog new tricks
Iím too old to learn something new
itís impossible
thatís not part of my job description
let me check on it
Iíll have to get back to you
Iím not qualified to handle that
itís out of my hands
nobody told me
why should I be the first?
your expectations are too high
Iíll do it tomorrow
theyíre just lucky
they think they are so smart
they think they are better than everyone else
I donít see the upside
Iím not a guinea pig
life is a rat race
why want more?
nobody showed me how to do it
I donít know how to do it
we canít afford it
do you think Iím made out of money?
someday, Iíll ___________________
one day, Iíll ____________________
itís a waste of time
why should I do it?
whatís in it for me?
tell somebody who cares
itís not my fault
Iím a loser
I canít do that
itís not my style
why change now?
itís a waste of time
I should have known better
lifeís a bitch
you canít change the world
Iím nobody
nobody listens tome
does it really matter?
you canít do that
what will everybody think?
donít stir things up
leave it alone
Iím only one person
what do you expect me to do?
I canít go along with that
donít go out on a limb
donít stick out in a crowd
I donít believe in compromise
itís not my problem
if you ignore it, itíll go away
donít expect me to do it
donít count on me
itís out of my hands
itís beyond my control
I canít do it all
I donít have it in me
donít put me in that position
donít look up to me
why canít you do it?
I would but _____________________
I donít want to
whatever ÖÖÖÖÖÖÖÖ
today is not good for me
what is the point
why me?
you want me to do what?
whatís in it for me?
whatís the rush
ask me if I care
donít be stupid
itís out of the question
there are no exceptions
thatís not my style
Iím not able to _____________________
I donít have the skills
Iím not technically minded
Iím not smart enough
itís not worth my time
I canít talk in front of people
I canít ____________________________
itís too risky
what if I fail?
what will everyone think of me?
Iím afraid
itís over my head

So feel free to post any other phrases or words that are disempowering and empowering.