Hi everyone,

I've been living in Brisbane, Australia for couple of years and noticed this constraction basically right at the beginning of my stay. Just today I went there and took few pictures of it because I'm really curious and would like to know what it is.

Maybe it's nothing important, maybe it's just aerial or some sort of scientific experiment. The strange thing is that when you look at it it's rusty which means it has been there for few decades and there are some symbols as well. It's located about 2km from the downtown.

I went there today two times - first time just got few shots and showed it to my friend. He was very curious about those symbols there and asked me to photographed all of them. So I went there in the afternoon with my girlfriend. I wanted to do a little experiment - when I was there first time I had a little headache and second time I felt it as well. Later in the evening, just while ago I had really strong headache which I hadn't have for a couple of years. I took my girlfriend there mainly to find out if she'll have any symptoms but she said she felt fine while she was there (but I have to say that she isn't interested in those things at all. neither spirituality).

I didn't put all the symbols there because as I found out they are repeating - so there are just two of them. They are repeating diagonaly.

Anyway, here are the pictures:

Here is a link to google maps

Btw my colleague said that he saw something similar in England.

So, does anyone have any idea?