I've always enjoyed Dr Who since I was young. However, I've noticed that since it started with Christopher Eccelsten, it's had a few not so subtle undertones, mostly about Britain being great.

For example, in the latest episode (link below), he makes a comment about how great Liverpool steel is.

There is another, possibly more sinister comment. 14 minutes in, he looks at a flower on Mars's first Earth base. He makes a comment:

'First flower in 10,000 years'

He also speaks ancient Martian.

The plot involves something nasty in the ice on Mars - something similiar to what a lot of whistleblowers have said. For example, Duncan O Finigan has said that we should not go there. Another whistleblower said that there was a base on MArs but after he went there, he felt a feeling of dread (future talk with David Wilcock).

What's he talking about? No one makes a comment about this. Little tidbits like this are all over scifi TV programs and films.