July 6, 2011 - At the FNB feeding of the homeless in the Lake Eola Park. A lone man carrying an "I (heart) OPD" sign conducts an interview with WFTV Channel 9 news.

This hero did an AMA on Reddit

"I have been involved with activism for several years and have tried many different approaches. I feel I have had the most success with the over-the-top sarcasm. My goal was to be interviewed and use it as an opportunity make a mockery of our local governments claim to arbitrarily enforce unjust laws. I was actually threatened with arrest not long after this interview was recorded for approaching the cops and informing them that I saw women trying to vote and African Americans using the caucasian only restrooms in the park. I will be attending the next feeding on Wednesday the 13th at 5:30pm at Lake Eola Park. A few months ago, Officer Travis Lamont of the OPD broke the neck of an 84 year old WW2 veteran so we had a protest in front of the police station. Naturally I stationed myself across the street with a sign that read "Lamont for Sheriff" and pretty much did the same thing."

"I don't want to give away too many details but a "Free Doughnuts" event at the Orlando Police Department (which falls within the 2 mile radius of this specific ordinance) may or may not be in the planning process."

"Shortly after the interview it became pretty obvious to everyone that I was not a fan of OPD. All of the activists already knew who I was and most of the LEO's. I did get an opportunity to speak with the gentlemen who conducted the interview and he said he thought that I was just really extreme."

I simply love this person! He has a effective weapon...sarcasm. For whatever reason, the individuals in charge and individuals enforcing the laws and regulations don't appear to comprehend sarcasm, which causes it to be even more amusing in my experience.