You squandered the initial 1 / 2 of your life trying to find sex, searching for success within employment, overindulging on alcoholic drinks, meats, cheese burgers, cigarette smoking, social drugs, watching and being hypnotize by Television and seeking to become fashionable.

Then out of the blue, it becomes clear that all of your desires and dreams and needs are managed by exterior forces employed in multiple dimensions. These outside hyper-dimensional forces feast upon you, you are a food for them. They feast upon your psychological powers, mental powers, etcetera.

These outside forces help you stay hooked on your desires and urges to ensure that you do not spend your time and efforts concentrating on working on your consciousness. Simply because should you develop your consciousness, it would be significantly tougher for these external forces to hijack your consciousness and enslave you, psychologically commanding you to undertake actions that will give them more energy supplies out of your physical body.

Then you uncover, there's a number of groups of outside hyper-dimensional forces. A number of factions probably will be more harmless than the others but all groups nonetheless look upon men as slaves and livestock to become dominated or captive-raised.

It becomes clear that no matter if that you're The US President, Bill Gates or even the college student working in the local Local cafe, everyone is trapped and all of a sudden the main focus is not earning money or obtaining a spouse or having kids as well as remaining fashionable any more.

Perhaps you have identified that the most crucial and only intention of existence would be to lift up your consciousness to the stage that you simply remove you as being a food resource?