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Thread: Daily Mail on David Icke's Marriage Breakdown

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    Daily Mail on David Icke's Marriage Breakdown

    Hey check out this Daily Mail article about David icke and his divorce!

    He once claimed he's the Son of God and the world is run by alien lizards, but the story of David Icke's marriage breakdown is almost as weird:

    The audience at the theatre in Times Square, New York, sat in reverential silence as David Icke took the stage and made his great revelation.

    Our planet, he declared, is secretly ruled by a race of reptile-like aliens.

    These reptiles, malevolent in nature, sometimes ‘shape-shift’ into human form. The Queen, for example, is a reptilian, President Barack Obama another.

    Bonkers, yes. But Icke’s show in November, with tickets costing $50 (£32) a head, was a sell-out, as have been most of the other dates on his world tour, which ends in Britain later this year.

    Wherever he goes, thousands flock to see him. Twenty years after the famous TV interview on Wogan, when the once-respected sports commentator became a national laughing stock for saying he was the Son of God, Icke’s brand of loopiness has proved more resilient and lucrative than anyone could have guessed.

    But there is one thing Icke has not yet talked about on his tour — and he does go on rather, sometimes for eight hours at a time — and that is the increasingly bitter divorce battle he is embroiled in with his second wife, Pamela Leigh Richards.

    Or that one of the reasons they split up, according to Pamela, is that he became suspicious that she is a shape-shifting alien.
    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/ar...#ixzz1j3MKUQqy
    Can you see past your belief systems?

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    Re: Daily Mail on David Icke's Marriage Breakdown

    The British Daily Mail, owned by a Zionist Jew family - is known for publishing anti-Christian and anti-Muslim crap.

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