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Thread: HUNZAS - a people who live to age 145!

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    HUNZAS - a people who live to age 145!

    This amazing race of people called Hunzas (pronounced ‘Hoonzas’) I first came across several years ago.

    The book, about the Hunzas, was one I bought privately and was a fascinating read.
    Whilst recently looking for another book, on alternative health, I came across this book and thought to share it's contents with you folk here.

    There are many fascinating aspects of this people, who live in a remote and inaccessible part of the world.

    Many live to an advanced age(for us) of 145 years.

    To live to an age of 130, is considered quite normal for these people.

    The Hunzas live in the Himalayas, between the borders of: Kashmir, China, India, Afghanistan.

    At age 100, a Hunza is considered neither old nor elderly.

    They number only about 30,000 as a population.

    The West became aware of the Hunzas in 1920’s when a Scottish doctor named Dr. MacCarrisson came across them on his travels, and spent several years living amongst them.

    He made copious notes on their: diet, lifestyle, health etc.

    Part of the secret of their longevity seems to be their diet.

    They eat very little meat, just poultry, then only once a week.
    They eat sparsely, and do not overeat.
    Hunzas eat only twice a day.

    Their diet is essentially pure food: fruit, vegetables, nuts, grains, milk, yogurt & cheese.

    They have as part of their essential staple diet the ‘chapatti’

    *(I have a recipe as the Hunzas make Chapatti’s if anyone wants it)

    Thy use mainly buckwheat & wholemeal flour,…with the germ still intact.(totally Unrefined)

    They have boundless energy, working hard physical demanding tasks-for long hours.
    Bearing in mind where these people live, this involves climbs up steep mountain paths.

    A 15-20 Km walk is considered quite normal for them.

    They also like to swim,-in the freezing mountain lakes & streams.(Brrrrrrrr!!!)

    The Hunzas practice slow & deep breathing and yoga techniques.

    The Hunzas also practice short meditation sessions a few time throughout the day.

    Their day starts at 5am, and as there is no electricity they go to sleep at nightfall.

    What is also extraordinary about the Hunzas, is that: there are no banks there; no prisons, …& NO DISEASES!

    Apart from the influences of: diet; pacing oneself; exercise; breathing; etc it must be said that they have pure; air, water, & food.

    Here is the west, getting old is considered a problem for most people, because it often entails ill health.

    Just imagine if we could anticipate growing old and enjoying good health.

    Energy flows where attention goes...

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    Re: HUNZAS - a people who live to age 145!

    Fantastic! thanks for sharing this, brother.

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    Re: HUNZAS - a people who live to age 145!

    You're welcome, I thought it was interesting to, just knowing it's possible to live to 145 changed my consciousness. None of us need to die at 80!

    Think how much more we could learn and evolve with an extra 65 years added to our lifespan! Think of the wisdom our elders would carry with them and still be around to teach new generations firsthand!
    Energy flows where attention goes...

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