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Thread: Chilling Video -100's of Tanks Passing Through Burbank California on Train?

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    Re: Chilling Video -100's of Tanks Passing Through Burbank California on Train?

    Quote Originally Posted by 2loserel3 View Post
    Seems like you might be right what with all the agenicies gathering the bullets and everything. Might be a new angle for Project bluebeam.
    It could EASILY have something to do with Bluebeam. You know their gonna throw that in whenever they can.
    The truth IS out there! We just tend to look in all the wrong places.

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    Re: Chilling Video -100's of Tanks Passing Through Burbank California on Train?

    Yes, wonder what scenario they'll finally decide upon. All is not as it as it seems though.

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    Re: Chilling Video -100's of Tanks Passing Through Burbank California on Train?

    Oh, come on. Those tanks could be headed anywhere! They could be going overseas, most likely though is that they are just being moved to another place, being stored somewhere else for any reason! You can't just see tanks moving on a train and think "well, it's obvious that the government are going to use them against us" because you can't think of any other reason for there movement, it's just silly!

    Also, project "Bluebeam"?! The one where NASA is trying to make a super religion to rule the world? ... That's what my research came up with. I really do hope I was misled and shown to another part of the site, and not some crap about NASA and ruling the world. Also, have you noticed that whenever a new conspiracy emerges from the depths of stupidity they always seem to reward those who believe it with a sense of higher moral standing and scorn those who think it to be made up non-sense implying that they are stupid, or unable to understand foe whatever reason?

    And finally, why EXACTLY would the government want to slaughter thousands of people (as you said yourself) just for some minor victory over the population?

    This site is devoted to finding the truth, that is good! But what truth are people finding here? A hollow Earth? A government that acts in a strange, dictatorial way? Think about it! There is the truth we can observe with the use of science, and then there is the truth we can read about on a self-proclaimed scientist's website where he also talks about his abduction experiences. So ask yourself this, what really makes sense? What is more plausible, fact, or fiction?

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