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Thread: Linda Brown's "Rain On The Windows Papers" - A Continuation

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    Re: Linda Brown's "Rain On The Windows Papers" - A Continuation

    And I am listening to you for instructions? Why? There is no heat in that question Mikado... but its a good question. Why should I respond to any instruction from you of any kind when you have spent the last couple of years constantly bashing me every chance you got? Why should I answer to you at all?

    Scan the papers? Jan has already done that and she is running her own investigation on that with other people.
    Whatever the mystery of it is... I am content to let others unravel it. I have from the papers the " instructions" that I have taken seriously. Thats a personal thing to me and really has nothing to do with others and how they react to what the papers are.

    I have other things to do and this really is not on the top of my list at the moment. I am sure that someday the information will bubble to the surface the way it is supposed to. Linda
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    Re: Linda Brown's "Rain On The Windows Papers" - A Continuation

    Scan the verification from Dr. Biefeld and present it.What verification are you talking about here Mikado? At least be specific.

    I would assume that you are talking about sworn statement about Dads laboratory work given to the Navy..... Paul had that and included that information in his book.

    I could do that.... is that what you are asking for? and again I ask.... why should I do anything at all that you suggest? Just asking. Linda

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    Re: Linda Brown's "Rain On The Windows Papers" - A Continuation

    Quote Originally Posted by Linda Brown View Post
    There are parts of what you say Hobbit that I understand completely and other parts which I can not even quite visualize. "Logan" tells me not to worry about it ... that it will come to me in time... and to just realize that you see things through your talents that are as yet impossible for me.

    We are dealing with the same situation here that my Dad told me about when I was a kid. He talked about the fish in the ocean looking up and noticing the hull of a ship passing by..... We see... perhaps... something represented on the " top of our world" that we don't understand.... ( we call them UFOs) but actually they represent something so far beyond our understanding that we are just like those fish and even the magical flying fish that have the ability to see more and experience more.... STILL... they have to deal with trying to communicate to the rest of us.... and sometimes there are just no fish-words for that knowledge. At least..... not yet.

    I am just trying to make myself feel better...trying to hold my head together. What must it be for Hobbit to already have seen what is represented here... and yet there are no words yet to communicate.

    Perhaps sanskrit was the closest and why it was used... because for the ancients it captured more of what was seen. Beau Kitselman was a student of Sanskrit and I always thought that was interesting because of Dads group he was the one most interested in human conciousness and our grasp of what we thought of as reality.... Just as Hobbit says... to go beyond ... we really have to learn to discard much of what we have been taught before.

    And Lady of Light. There is much to that idea of coming into a situation of " coming in cold" as far as new information is concerned. I try to do that too. I have never read the StarSeed Transmissions....and really don't know much about them. My partner Jan Lofton has looked into them though and perhaps I can get her to join us here and give us more of her " take".

    Good morning everybody. Things around here are ringing off the charts. Anybody else? Hobbit... how are you.

    I thought of you while watching the new James Bond movie.... the opening credits feature wonderful Dragons! Linda
    Your fathers recorders would be peaking imho.
    The need to discard the present and recent past thinking is why I have kept waffling on about electricity.
    I hear lots of people saying they are going to build this that and the other, yet they don't know or comprehend the basics of what they are dealing with, but are blighly gonna utilise something that imho is alive, with no thought of how it will affect such or the downstream consequences on the condition on this planet.


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    Re: Linda Brown's "Rain On The Windows Papers" - A Continuation

    We just have to keep going Hobbit. Thats what "Morgan" said to Paul.... Paul quit.....I believe that Mikado was given a choice of roads....Thats what he thought that Mikado would do...I believed that Mikado would understand what was happening here but I was apparently wrong....... the past record and words on the HUT are a testament to what happened there.

    I know that you won't quit and neither will I... but we are going to be in for some rough sailing Kiddo!

    Lower the topsail.... I believe that we are coming into some weather.
    But where there is weather.... there is ENERGY!

    Turn toward the chop Navigator.


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    Re: Linda Brown's "Rain On The Windows Papers" - A Continuation

    [COLOR="#0000FF"]Re: Linda Brown's "Rain On The Windows Papers" - A Continuation
    Scan the verification from Dr. Biefeld and present it[/COLOR

    ]Why do ask for this particularly Mikado? Why do you need this to be " verified".

    I am just curious. Why do I have to do that when Paul has already presented the material in his book? You feel perhaps that all that " due diligence" that you were talking about before needs..... to be redone? Perhaps you are right.

    That material was with Paul for an overly long time.... and then I handed it to Rose... and now I have it here somewhere.... in all of these boxes. ( I am reminded of Lady of Lights first few visions... boxes and boxes somewhere in the desert.... thats my home office.) Finding that one particular file is going to be a chore.

    You tell me why I should do that Mikado? To satisfy you? Take another look at the way that you have treated me in the last couple of years..... and you are asking me to do something?

    Jan and I will talk it over. Linda
    Last edited by Linda Brown; November 28th, 2012 at 12:23 PM.

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    Re: Linda Brown's "Rain On The Windows Papers" - A Continuation

    Hobbit, I already live in a world of cats where humans are kept as pets. They disabused me, long ago, of any notion that I'm in charge.


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    Re: Linda Brown's "Rain On The Windows Papers" - A Continuation

    Pimander seemed to think perhaps that there was a connection between my Rain on the Windows papers.... The Starseed materials and Elizabeth Rauschers Group. Am I right in drawing that conclusion Pimander? Is there a connection in your viewpoint? Linda

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    Re: Linda Brown's "Rain On The Windows Papers" - A Continuation

    Beverley... Thank you for your wonderful Emails. I hope its alright for me to answer some of your questions here because I do think that our communications are meant to be shared. ( some of them anyway!!! <g>)... You asked about the name Elizabeth and I explained that it was my pen name while working with Paul Schatzkin on the biography of my Dad.... the initials also... EHD... stood for ElectroHydroDynamics... which is the field that Dad was interested in and known for.

    So here are a couple of things that you mentioned...

    ["I]It might be easier for you to look at the videos on youtube on The Starseed Transmissions than reading the book.[/I]"

    Lee.... I am sort of restricted here because I can't get UTube.... part of it is that my computer is so old and I am on what they call dial up....the rest of the reason is that I am just not comfortable having that kind of full on visual information hitting me all at once...I know that soon I will have to step up to all of that but for now... I live in the desert because it is simple and uncomplicated and free of all of that input that Utubes represent. I know that I have missed alot of valuable information by not being able to just click and watch... but for a short time anyway this is just the way it has to be for me... I need that sort of ability to filter what comes in to me.... and meter it down just a little. If I could get away with it I would probably be a monk living in the mountains somewhere....<g>

    As far as reading the book on Starseeds... I have a real aversion to doing that for some reason so my friend Jan ( also known on the Forums as " Rose") is undertaking that study. She is my editor also and she has a wonderful mind for research. I am hoping that she will uncover things about the Starseed Transmissions that I would have missed. For some reason I am content to just deal with the few pages that " Morgan" left behind for me.... he took the rest of the papers and now I am asking myself if the rest of the manuscript was meant for other people??? and he just left me the part that was meant for me??? But why then would I have been the caretaker of that material for so many years???
    A total puzzlement to me.

    You will also notice mention of a man named " Morgan"..... If you have read any of "Mikados" rants against me here you will note that he is constantly saying that "Morgan" does not exist.... but let me assure all of you.... the mans name may change.... but he is quite real and I am sure reading this message...

    More later! I hope its alright Beverley to call you by the name you said you used quite a long time ago.... for some reason I feel more comfortable calling you Lee....

    Last edited by Linda Brown; December 2nd, 2012 at 10:41 AM.

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    Re: Linda Brown's "Rain On The Windows Papers" - A Continuation

    Lee ... You said this

    "David writes of a scientist who lived in Tibet for a few years and watched 200 monks standing behind a row of instruments ( will have to go back and find that part) and started chanting. The instruments and monks were a specific distance from a huge rock 1metre x 1 1/2 metre moved it high in the air and held it there for 3 minutes"

    What is his last name? Littleenki, Raymond and others have had the name "David" on the brain recently so I am just wondering which David you are referring to here.... Did I miss his last name in your message?

    Strange sort of skipping of information from one of us to the other... like a magical breeze through the windchimes that we are!!! Linda

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    Re: Linda Brown's "Rain On The Windows Papers" - A Continuation

    I am sorry Lee... you had mentioned his last name here. Why did I skip past it? Maybe we need to look closer at what he has to say. You said

    mentioned a book last week by David Wilcock " The Source Field Investigations", and this morning (syncronicity AGAIN !!) and the part I was reading mentioned some of the experiments your Dad was into ! WOW

    So I am sorry about that but maybe that was some other intelligence making me look twice. I need alot of help sometimes! Linda

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