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Thread: Update on Update Re: Doctor

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    Update on Update Re: Doctor

    Well, in what seems to be the umpteenth call to the pharmacy (I've lost track exactly how many, probably about a little over a half a dozen, and again in what seems to be almost the umpteenth call to the Dr's office who still insists they sent the one time renewal out there, but given their record for truth I don't see what the pharmacy would have to gain by saying they didn't receive the o.k. can't think of any off the top of my head too busy being disturbed with the new line of phone calls coming through:

    this morning a new one Steven Sylvestri, then there's Jessica Loewe Gonzales, along with Sarah Reynaldo. and the numerous hang ups on the hour because they don't reach their prey. (Sorry I ramble )

    Well first things first since completely losing any faith at all we ever had in this new dr, will upon tomorrow be contacting that coalition I mentioned earlier, she doesn't need the additional frustration from who's not compassionate enough to understand the unique situation she's found herself in. to arrange for somebody to come to the house hopefully, if not we do have a plan b: but it's still in the developing phase shall we say, oh nothing bad at least not for us, but perfectly legal. Catch my drift.

    Now as to these gosh darn phone calls, I have heard of star 77 and I think we have to order it because tried it yesterday does not work. I'm pretty good at recognizing voices and distinguishing accents these are all coming from the same company,I will let one call go through to get their number, and find out who's calling from there, these are illegal robocalls who don't say they are attempting to collect a debt, but we all know why they would call day in and day out, Please forgive my little detour, had to get it out.

    Sorry for the ramble but they are kind of going hand in hand this other nuisance is just as frustrating because it deters your train of thought, and we can't take the phone off the hook she might here from some different agencies a la her social worker who helps with her meal situation these people may be able to help who knows? I have to remember we're not alone in having problems. Still trying to get the light bulb to go off as to the reason this is happening again.

    She seems to be feeling a little better today, I'll know at suppertime I guess.
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