No fear mongering just facts:

Published on 2 Oct 2013

37 states team up for national earthquake drill scheduled for October 17 2013

Pentagon spent 5 billion dollars on the eve of the govt shutdown.
Instead of paying their 800,000 employees they purchased 5 billion dollars worth of weapons and ammo
The treasury secretary is Jack Lew. And now he is begging congress to raise the debt ceiling before mid October or the world is going to come to an end

Well.. That's too bad because,there is a 143 year old law that says it is illegal for congress to borrow any money during a govt shutdown.....

Treasury secretary admits the treasury will run out of borrowed money by Oct. 17 2013

Washington governor Jay Inslee has proclaimed October as Washington state disaster preparedness ... All coastal communities will test their tsunami siren alert

No more sugarcoating the news. If you live in Washington,then it's a high possibility that all hell is going to break loose on
October17th 2013. Here's

Here is a quote from that official govt document on what they are about to start telling people in Washington. Thew pdf says...

"the state of Washington proclamation. Whereas the state of Washington has experienced natural and man made disasters in the past and remains "vulnerable" in the future. Everyone in our state needs to prepare themselves to be self sufficient for at least 3 days following an act of terrorism,natural or man made disaster"

"Whereas the Washington state military department emergency management division alongside it's great Washington shakeout campaign will conduct a statewide "drop,cover and hold drill" at the same time a "coastal tsunami siren test" will be conducted together on October 17th 2013 at 10:17am

"now therefore I Yay Inslee governor of the state of Washington do herby proclaim October 2013 as...

"Washington state disaster preparedness month"

Govt shutdown will not stop Obamacare's forced home invasions from forcing your entire family to be microchipped

All 911 dispatch operators, fire dept dispatch operators and ambulance operators come from the bureau of labor statistics

The bureau of labor statistics to suspend operation in u.s. Shutdown

urban shield 2013 drill will lockdown 100 cities in California Oct 25-Oct 28th

The usda are the people who created food stamps. Go ahead. Check and see are they about to shut down food stamps

government shutdown is bad news for wic program

Wic programs shutting down as federal government comes to halt

Pentagon unilaterally grants itself authority over "civil disturbances." u.s. Military has power to initiate martial law without Obama's consent

Dr. Bill H weld who attended the duke school of medicine and the duke school of law . Click the link to hear for yourself!