China tampers with the weather and create worst snowstorm in 60 years

Friday, November 13, 2009

38 people the in recent days have been killed by snow storms and icy cold weather in northern China. Chinese statement to the media today was told the severest weather of the past sixty years. Many roads in northern China are impassable. The train and air travel is disrupted. Hundreds of flights to and from cities like Beijing and Xian are deleted.

Cloud seeding
Meanwhile, still show that the snow storm is the result of cloud seeding, a technique in which huge amounts of silver iodide crystals into the clouds are hunted. The small water droplets, which is a cloud, settle on the crystals and then come down as rain.

The Shanxi province was hardest hit. This week on the slippery and snowy roads in Shanxi nearly five hundred accidents recorded. This came 24 people and approximately seventy were wounded. About 10,000 cars and 30,000 people along the roads in Shanxi left stranded in the snow. In one of the stations of Beijing have had 20,000 people forced to spend the night on the floor.

Weather Modification Office
According to The China Daily, the storm really caused by the Beijing Weather Modification Office, a body dealing with artificially influencing the weather, particularly by rockets with silver iodide they shoot into the atmosphere. Until yesterday it was still denied, but officials have now admitted that there was indeed tampereding in the weather.

The Chinese are keen practitioners of "cloud seeding" the clouds to they sow and shelling the influence the precipitation process. With huge amounts of silver iodide crystals to add clouds can suddenly rain. The small water droplets, which is a cloud settle on the crystals and then come down as rain. The clouds accelerated mass, the Chinese are trying to address one years long drought that affects large parts of the country.

The technique is also used for major events in the dry times. It causes the clouds to another location remote from the event accelerated. The Chinese were the result of cloud seeding of the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing .

Cloud seeding is a controversial technique: it would be very polluting. Silver metal is not as dangerous of a substance but as a connection is just as toxic as a lead compound. (MVL)