Controversial climate sceptic Lord Monckton set to speak at National Press Club

Lord Christopher Monckton at a mining conference in Perth last week.

CLIMATE sceptic Christopher Monckton has been offered a prime speaking slot at the National Press Club in Canberra on July 19, despite a spate of cancelled public appearances.

Lord Monckton - who recently accused Julia Gillard's climate adviser Ross Garnaut of “fascist” views - is set to debate the Australia's Institute's executive director, economist Richard Denniss.

The Australian Online understands Lord Monckton was offered the spot in response to a request from his tour organisers.

The engagement is yet to be finalised as he has a speaking engagement in Melbourne which he is trying to shift.

It's understood the press club board approved the offer to Lord Monckton on Friday, while Dr Denniss has accepted the invitation.

National Press Club senior vice president Steve Lewis said the role of the club was to “provide a civilised forum for an important debate”.

“That's why we have extended the invitation to Lord Monckton and Dr Denniss to have this debate,” he said.

Dr Denniss has worked as a strategic adviser to Greens leader Bob Brown and worked as chief-of-staff to former Democrats leader Natasha Stott Despoja.

Lord Monckton has had speaking appearances cancelled at clubs in Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth since arriving in Australia, after his comments about Professor Garnaut were revealed. Lord Monckton later said he had apologised to Professor Garnaut.

Engagements at the Brisbane Broncos Leagues Club and Port Adelaide Football Club have also been cancelled.

Lord Monckton has spoken at a mining conference in Perth, and at the city's Notre Dame University, during his current visit.