The meltdown of the Global Warming Myth and the role of the MSM.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Hackers are on November 20, 2009 managed to penetrate the computers of the CRU. That is the Climate Research Unit of the University of East Anglia.
Here are thousands of documents and e-mails captured by top climate scientists.
This site is available Others: Alleged Emails CRU - Searchable
This inspired hackers will probably be just in time
that information surfaced that the masses will shake violently. Global Warming is indeed a hoax! The conspiracy plotters get back right.
While in our country (the best boy in the class) there is little discussed is the scandal has broken out abroad.

Here Paul Nuttall and David Campbell Bannermanm of the Europe of Freedom & Democracy Group to speak in Parliament.

Our own Environment Minister Jacqueline Cramer has made her say it. Without knowing the facts (or maybe just that) she has the Hackers to criminals and would-stamped the stolen data have been manipulated. These hackers are not criminals but heroes Mrs. Cramer.
It will be said because its nice taster on us to Copenhagen in jeopardy.

The MSM have shamefully let down this far in the vaccination campaign. Shamelessly they use them by acting as spokesman for the pharmaceutical industry. Cunning or circumvent any opposition to Indian stories to designate.
And now it appears that the MSM has had eagerly exploit the absurd theories of Al Gore preaching.
I would if I was investigative journalist, it does not dare show on the streets.

Well, thanks to these hackers is half chance on the MSM to show what they really are for fact act as watchdog. But the watchdogs of our democracy are being bought up by multinationals. They are on the chain and they can not bark. Who bites through his chain of truth and dare to go!

So MSM, because they must Hackers are immediately possible to
to seriously affect your image back to polish.
So which side will you stand? On the side of the multinationals and the NWO elite who seek a Europe without democracy. A Europe that will be plagued by a plethora of new environmental protection measures called, taxes ect. based only on lies and distortion of scientific facts.
Or are you sometimes do your work and bring the truth out.
And then hopefully when you finally go and do your homework also dive right back once the 911 tragedy. After 8 years research by the so called conspiracy ters of proof for an inside job has become unsustainable.

We will in any case a very interesting look forward Climate Change Conference.

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Written by: Tom

Source: StarPeople