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Thread: Climategate: CBC on the greatest scientific scandal of our times

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    Climategate: CBC on the greatest scientific scandal of our times

    Andrew Bolt
    Herald Sun
    Friday, Dec 4th, 2009

    Rex Murphy of CBC gets it. A lesson for Australian TV talking heads on not just the importance of the scandal, but how it can inspire compelling TV comment, too.

    More evidence on Monday of readers’ hunger for news that the mainstream media here is running dead on. It’s news I’m rather pleased by.


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    Canada?s public television commentary says Climategate spells doom for Copenhagen

    Terence Corcoran
    Financial Post
    December 4, 2009

    The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation’s news and public affairs operations may not quite have caught up with Climategate, but the CBC’s Rex Murphy has. Most CBC listeners and viewers might be wondering what he’s talking about. Since the story broke two weeks ago with the release of emails from the world’s leading climate institute, there has only been one news report on the network and the only analysis item was on Anna Maria Tremonti’s The Current — a pooh-poohing academic from the United States who said there was nothing in the emails worth talking about.

    Read entire article


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