I was unable to access the video link posted below....so if anyone can view it, maybe you can post the clip here. tks.

Saturday Night Live Segment Last Night - Spraying of People with Viruses from Helicopters 12/06/09 8:33am

Notice they say Spraying Twice - Once very fast - they say "Spraying" then they say "people will get sick as Hell - Helicopters will Spray your asses with Viruses" and then they show a helicopter spraying. (It is about 3/4's into the segment - where they show the helicopter spraying)

They say - "your ears will bleed" in the beginning - at the very end, they say "you will literally be Underground".

I find these things of interest, considering, part of the PTB "moral codes" are to tell the people in advance what will be happening to them, in one way or another. If you look back in history - we have always been forewarned about what is going to happen. It is from my understanding part of the PTB rules "The people have to be told and that way, they are Okay with it happening". (someone asked me what PTB means - sorry - I did not specify the meaning before. PTB = Powers That Be)

Just another thought - How long before this segment is taken off the net and the NBC SNL site? (Once we have been forewarned and a T.V. show tells us what is going to happen - after a certain amount of time - that T.V. show segment is not to be found nor shown on T.V. again). Research history - you will see this fact is true.

Link to the segment at NBC site: http://www.nbc.com/saturday-night-li...tival/1182329/