December 13, 2011

Professor Ian Plimer says students are being fed political propaganda.
  • Sceptic's book arms children with questions
  • Says pupils are being fed "political propaganda"
  • Australia hails 'historic' UN climate change pact

CLIMATE sceptic Professor Ian Plimer is arming children with 101 questions for teachers, in his new book How to Get Expelled from School.

The University of Adelaide mining geology professor and best-selling author says "pupils, parents and the public" are being fed "political propaganda", The Advertiser reported.

The climate scpetic's 250-page guide to climate change was written with high school students in mind.

"As a result of my previous book Heaven and Earth, I had a lot of parents write to me," Prof Plimer said.

"They were saying that their kids are being fed environmental activism at school, rather than the basics of science, which gives them the ability to analyse activist arguments."

Now students can carry a cheat sheet of climate questions and answers from the book, intended to embarrass, humiliate and infuriate poorly prepared teachers. Questions include: "Is climate change normal?" and "In the last 100 years, has there been global warming and global cooling?".

"They're questions that kids should be asking of teachers, because if the teacher can answer it means they might know something about the subject," Prof Plimer said. "If they can't, or start to promote ideology, it shows that our schools have been captured.

"Parents are telling me that schools have been captured by a lot of activists and kids are being fed stuff that is not relevant to the real world."

But climate scientists, including the University of Adelaide's Professor Barry Brook, say Prof Plimer is perpetuating contradictions, inaccuracies and misrepresentations of the science.

University of Melbourne complex system scientist Professor Ian Enting claims there are scientific errors, flawed diagrams and missing references in Prof Plimer's book.

John Cook of Sceptical Science, a website designed to explain what peer-reviewed science has to say about global warming, has branded Prof Plimer "a one man contradiction". He quotes Heaven and Earth on the webpage "Plimer vs Plimer" to highlight what he says is Prof Plimer's use and abuse of information in support of his own arguments.