David Gardner
Daily Mail
Friday, June 4, 2010

The* European Union is set to pave the way for a huge growth in the cultivation of genetically modified food.

Despite little appetite for the so-called ‘Frankenstein food’ in Britain, a change in EU rules could open the floodgates for member countries to plant new GM varieties.

Up until now, EU politicians have tightly controlled GM produce, approving just two varieties for growing in the last twelve years, compared with more than 150 worldwide.

But under the new proposals expected to be rubber-stamped in Brussels on July 13, EU governments will be given much greater freedom to decide whether or not they want to cultivate GM food.

The EU Executive Commission will also be given more leeway to approve new varieties.

While the move will allow countries to block GM farming, critics complained last night that it will also make it much easier for biotech companies to win permission to plant enhanced foods.

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