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Thread: Cancer is a fungus and it is curable ...

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    Cancer is a fungus and it is curable ...

    Cancer is a fungus and it is curable ...
    By Rene on August 25, 2010

    By David Icke

    Translated from Dutch

    The numbers are huge. Approximately 8 million people die each year from cancer worldwide, and in the U.S. alone more than half million. The worldwide number will increase to 12 million predicted by 2030.

    Cancer is the leading cause of death for people under 85 and U.S. 1 in 4 people die from cancer - 1 in 4

    We are losing each day more of our freedom to supposedly "protect it for terrorism" while all these people each year suffer and die from a disease that the bloodline families and their pharmaceutical cartel systematically refuse to heal.

    Together we can all yes, but not the drug companies get involved. Every year there are huge amounts of money raised by charities in the search for a "medicine" to find the established order while there absolutely no interest in it.

    I stressed in a newsletter on August 9 how Dr. Richard Day, head of the Rockefeller-controlled organization Eugenics, Planned Parenthood, a meeting of doctors in Pittsburg in 1969 had spoken about the coming transformation of global society.

    He asked the doctors to their recorders off and not to take notes of the changes that were planned. A doctor made it notes, and brought everything that was said outside.

    Now, 40 years later we can see exactly how extraordinarily Day and how you can read in the newsletter archive on my website. The reason I mention him here is that doctors in 1969 he told the following:

    "We can currently cure almost any type of cancer. The information is in the Rockefeller Institute, if it ever decided to release it. "

    Day said that letting people die of cancer in the population growth would slow down - "You might as well die of cancer as something else". These people have no soul and therefore they do what they do.

    Big Pharma has no desire to cure cancer while it earns huge fortunes on treating symptoms with medication and devastating killing cells with radiation and chemotherapy as poisons. But it's not even about the money. The bloodline families want people to suffer and die earlier than necessary to thin the population.

    This is the reason that if someone outside Big Pharma has discovered an effective way to treat cancer for the immediate target of the medical community and government agencies.

    One such case is the Italian doctor, Tullio Simoncini, a brilliant and courageous man who refused to bow to the enormous pressure he experienced, and continues to suffer, after he realized what cancer is and how it should handle.

    Simoncini's "crime" is that he discovered that cancer is a fungus caused by Candida, an organism in small quantities in the body alive even in healthy people. The immune system normally keeps it under control, but if the fungus Candida changes into a stronger than can cause serious health problems followed - including cancer.

    My friend, Mike Lambert, Shen clinic near my house on the Isle of Wight, said of Candida:

    "Mold and Candida in particular, live by eating the body of its bearer (us) through the problems. It does your body need to procreate, because that in itself can not. No wonder that in circumstances such as chronic fatigue, which in many cases can be attributed to colonization of Candida, the patient is physically and mentally feel so bad. "

    Tullio Simoncini says that cancer Candida infection and that the conventional medical explanation of cancer as a cellular dysfunction completely wrong.


    Simoncini is a specialist in oncology (treatment of tumors), diabetes and metabolic problems, but he is more than that. He is a real doctor who wants to discover the truth for the good of his patients and he refuses to talk to the official version of some doctors should be doing and thinking.

    He challenges the dogma of "intellectual conformity" with all its unproven assumptions, lies and manipulation and deception and he is extremely critical of the medical world when it comes to buying "treatments" that are useless in treating the global epidemic cancer.

    From the moment he began his medical studies he realized that something was seriously wrong with the way cancer was treated:

    "I see terrible suffering. I was in the children's oncology department - all the children died. I had to make of suffering for the poor children were dying to watch all the chemo, the radiation. "

    His frustration and concerns of what he saw drove him to look for new ways to understand this devastating disease, and treat. He began his quest with a completely open mind and with a blank sheet of paper without assumptions and prejudices from the established "medical" and "scientific" world.

    How many more must suffer even before people stop seeing their doctors as "all knowing gods" and to realize what a gigantic scale ignorance reigns?

    Simoncini did realize is that all cancers are behaving the same way regardless of where they sat in the body and what form they assumed. There was a common factor. He noticed also that all cancers "nuggets" were always white.

    And there is also white? Candida

    Simoncini realized that what the medical establishment regarded as cell growth that gets out of control - "cancerous growth" - essentially the immune system produces cells that protect the body of Candida attack. He says the order is as follows:
    Candida is normally kept under control by the immune system, but if that undermined and weakened the Candida can expand a "colony" building.
    Candida eats eventually a road in a body and the immune system to respond to the threat in a different way to fight.
    That way is to build a defensive barrier with its own cells and this growth is what we call cancer.

    It is said that the spread of cancer to other parts of the body is caused by "malignant" cells that escape from their source. Simoncini says however that this is not the case. The spread of cancer is caused by the true cause of cancer, the Candida fungus, which escaped from the original source.

    And what allows cancer to manifest itself, as I say in my books for years, has a weakened immune system. If it works efficiently then the issue before it gets out of hand. In this case, keep the Candida under control.

    But look what happens when the cancer world explodes. A mercenary war on the human immune system and that war is meaner every year.

    The immune system is weakened and attacked by additives in food and beverage, chemical farms, vaccinations, electromagnetic and microwave frequencies and technology, pharmaceutical drugs, and the stresses of today's "life", and much more.

    What defense does a contemporary child even if they are 25 combinations of vaccinations and have received their second years, while their immune system is still building the hell?

    This is how the Illuminati families are trying to thin out the masses. By the body's natural defenses against disease to abort.

    And now comes a real shock. What destroys the immune system faster than anything else?


    And you can also add radiation there. Chemotherapy is a poison which is designed to kill cells. Well, that's it.

    The most advanced of the current medical community can come to you to "cure" of cancer is to fall victim to poison and hoping that the poison kills the cancer cells rather than the victim.

    But wait. chemotherapy also kills the cells of the immune system and destroyed it completely. But Candida is still there.

    And the devastated immune system can not effectively respond to Candida and other parts of the body takes over and starts the process again, so that the "cancer" is spreading. Even those who seem to have been cured after surgery and chemotherapy and "healthy" states, are actually a kind of time bomb.

    Their immune system is to barrels and it's just a matter of time before the Candida relapsed shows. In other words:

    Chemotherapy kills the people who would be cured.

    Of course, the ever something "cure" except life. It is a poison exactly what the system is what we desperately need for healthy and strong to be destroyed.

    Simoncini then realized that cancer is a fungal infection or disease, he went looking for something that would kill the fungus and so would remove the cancer. Realizing that anti-fungal drugs do not work because the fungus mutates quickly to defend themselves and even then may be feeding on the medication prescribed to kill it.

    Instead Simoncini was something much, much simpler - sodium bicarbonate. Yes, the main ingredient in the good old baking soda box. (But I emphasize that it is not quite the same as soda box, because there are also other ingredients)

    He used it because it is a powerful killer of mold and, unlike other medications, Candida itself can not "adjust". The patient gets easily administered oral sodium carbonate and by simple means such as an endoscope, a long thin tube that doctors use to look inside the body without operating. This causes the sodium bicarbonate can be placed precisely where needed, when the cancer - the fungus.

    The old Egyptenaaren knew the healing properties of antifungal substances and the ancient Indian books recommend one thousand years ago "in strong alkaline dose" to cure cancer.

    In 1983 an Italian man treated Simoncini, Gennaro Sanger Mano, who a few months to live with lung cancer. A few months later he was not dead, but he was completely healthy again and the cancer was gone.

    More successes followed Simoncini and presented its findings to the Italian Ministry of Health in the hope that it would be scientifically examined and approved. But when he discovered the only real scale of medical manipulation and deceit.

    The authorities not only ignored his documentation, but he was expelled from the Italian medical procedure for prescribing treatments that were not approved. Yes, I said that really - for prescribing treatments that were not approved.

    He was subjected to a vicious campaign of ridicule by the media and then for three years in prison for causing "death by mistakes" of patients he had treated. Was hit from all sides - Simoncini suit.

    The medical community said that his claims about sodium bicarbonate "crazy" and "dangerous" goods. A leading doctor referred even to sodium bicarbonate as a "drug".

    And while millions of people died from cancer could be treated effectively. These people do not totally there.

    Tullio Simoncini is, fortunately someone who does not just give up and has continued to publish his work online and lectures. I heard from him by Mike Lambert of the Shen Clinic and Simoncini said there once while I was in the U.S..

    I know he has remarkable success in dramatically reducing and even completely disappear from cancer at a late stage using sodium bicarbonate. In some cases this will take months, but in other cases such as breast cancer where the tumor is readily accessible, it may take days to fully healed.

    People also heal himself under Simoncini's direction and at the end of this article are some links to videos where you'd hear you talk about their experiences and healing.

    Last April I wrote an article that that cancer is a fungus and that was about the investigation of two British scientists and researchers, Professor Gerry Potter of the Cancer Drug Discovery Groupe Professor Dan Burke. Their combined findings reveal that:

    Cancer cells have a special "biomarker" that normal cells do not have an enzyme called CYP1B1. Enzymes are proteins that catalyze chemical reactions (intense time).

    CYP1B1 changes the chemical structure of something called salve troll and what occurs naturally in many fruits and vegetables. This material changes the salve troll in a substance that cancer cells die, and healthy cells alone.

    The synchronicity is perfect. The CYP1B1 enzymes appear only in cancer cells and react with salve troll in fruits and vegetables to make a chemical that kills only cancer cells.

    But here is the point which connects with the fact that cancer is a fungus. Salve Troll is the natural defense system of fruits and vegetables against fungal attack, and that's why you only found in species at risk to mold, such as all kinds of strawberries, berries, apples, pears and green vegetables (especially broccoli and cabbage), artichokes , red and yellow peppers, asparagus, avocados and eggplants.

    And what is worse, the Big Pharma / Biotech cartels know this and they have two things done to this natural defense of the mold attack cancer called undermining.

    The antifungal chemical sprays used in modern agriculture kill the fungus artificially so the plants do their own defense not to make - salvestrols. You find them now than even only in organically grown vegetables and fruit.
    The most common antifungal drugs are very powerful against workers of CYP1B1 and so if you eat enough chemically produced food does not matter how much you salverstrols ingested they are not activated until a devastating cancer substance they belong to.

    This is not accidental, it is so conceived, like the efforts of the medical world to destroy Tullio Simoncini. The families want people dying from cancer, not that they are cured. They are mentally and emotionally sick as you can imagine and they see people as sheep and cattle.

    It does not matter how much their misery, suffering and death of their manipulation and suppression brings about, the more the better from their perspective insane. And that's what these people are .... Crazy.

    But Simonciniweigert stop and will continue to campaign for an effective treatment of cancer, while in the "real world" the number of cancer deaths still rose strongly through the treatments do not work by the false assumptions that they have.

    It is indeed a mad, mad society, but from the perspective of the bloodline families is exactly they mean. Thank heaven for the brave and dedicated people like Tullio Simoncini. We need more like him - and fast.

    What a big contrast is that those who serve the medical world. Simoncini then spoke on the Shen clinic a few weeks ago he was already dismissed by local doctors before he could even speak.

    They were invited to his reading, which would have been essential for their patients. Seats were reserved for them to hear what they would say and would Simoncini them ask questions.

    And what happened?

    They did not ... ..

    David Icke Website
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    Friedrich Nietzsche

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