Jan 6, 2011

UPSHUR COUNTY, TX – A large number of*dead birds spotted on the Hwy 155 bridge near Ore City is most likely a natural occurrence in the area and not related to the mysterious bird deaths in Arkansas and Louisiana.

According to Texas Parks and Wildlife Department’s Media Communication Director, Tom Harvey, it is not*uncommon to see dozens*of dead birds on this bridge, including the American Coots here.

The*Corps of Engineers office at Lake O’*the Pines says they are not exactly sure why this happens, but it appears likely the birds are walking or*roosting*or flying on and around the bridge and many of them probably*get hit and killed by*motor vehicles.

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Jan 6, 2011

VOLUSIA COUNTY, Fla. — Thousands of dead fish were floating in Volusia County Tuesday. They were all in Spruce Creek in Port Orange. The fish kill is unusual because it is warm, according to people who live along the creek.

It’s been a week since there were freezing temperatures, but there are fish lining the banks. Some said it’s the worst kill they’ve ever seen; thousands of fish lined the twists and turns of Spruce Creek.

The sheer number of fish and the smell were both overwhelming.

“It was fun last night trying to sleep with the smell going on,” said resident Sunny Morningstar.

“Even with your windows closed and everything?” WFTV reporter Jason Allen asked.

“Yes, yes,” Morningstar said.

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