01-07-2011 04:18 AM

'David Cameron said the Department of Health was "working hard" to tackle the problem after reports that some areas have run out of the flu vaccine.

The government confirmed on Wednesday there were "local supply" issues, but denied there was a national shortfall. It has also asked suppliers to see if there were spare vaccines in Europe.

But it is thought that there are only about 100,000 doses at most and so using the pandemic vaccine that was left over - there are millions of doses stockpiled - could provide the solution. The vaccine is different from the jab being offered this year, but as swine flu is the dominant strain in circulation it could offer some protection.'

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But before you rush out and get yourself injected read this...

Unused swine flu vaccine turns into hazardous waste

'Swine flu vaccine left over from the winter 2009/2010 vacination campaign expires these days and therefore has to be disposed. Due to the content of mercury added as Thimerosal (also known as Thiomersal) to most of the vaccines that depending on the manufacturer can reach 25-50 ppm in the vaccine, the left overs have to be handled as "hazardous waste".'