UK Daily Mail
Jan 24, 2011

Food prices to rocket by 50% as global hunger epidemic takes hold, government doomsday report warns

Food prices could increase by up to 50 per cent within the next 40 years as mankind fights to survive a global hunger epidemic, the government’s top science adviser warned today.

Professor Sir John Beddington said a ‘perfect storm’ of issues including swelling population levels, energy shortages and climate change will force widespread starvation if mankind doesn’t overcome its fear of genetically-modified crops.

His warning comes as riots over soaring food prices caused havoc across parts of North Africa, particularly in Tunisia and Algeria where protesters have ransacked stores, government buildings, bank branches and post offices.

Sir John said there will be no single ‘silver bullet’, but it is very hard to see how it would be remotely sensible to justify not using new technologies such as GM, dubbed ‘Frankenstein foods’ when the issue surfaced in the 1990s.

‘If there are genetically modified organisms that actually solve problems that we can’t solve in other ways, and are shown to be safe from a human health point of view, and safe from an environmental point of view, and they can solve problems we can’t solve otherwise, then we should use them.

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