Dahleen Glanton
Chicago Tribune
Friday, Nov 13th, 2009

For months, Rachel Aguayo, who is pregnant with her first child, has been bombarded with messages urging her to be among the first in line for the H1N1 flu vaccine.

But the decision about whether to get the shot is particularly grueling for mothers-to-be, who must balance doctors’ orders against a natural inclination to avoid any medication or other substance that could jeopardize the health of their unborn child.

Many pregnant women get inoculated. But Aguayo, 26, made a personal and potentially risky choice when she ignored her midwife’s advice and opted for alternative, holistic ways to fend off the virus — acupuncture, yoga, healthy eating and what she calls “obsessive” hand-washing.

“I personally don’t feel comfortable with the vaccine,” said Aguayo. “Any decision I’m making with my body now isn’t just for me anymore.”