Nanoparticles in sunscreen are still toxic?

Friday, November 27, 2009

The most widely used nanoparticles in consumer products appear to be toxic. These are titanium dioxide particles, if you swallow them or in the bloodstream and damage. That scientists write in Cancer Research. But that is a real risk?

Nanoparticles are small molecules that are not much bigger than a millionth of a millimeter. So fucking mini. That gives nanoparticles special features.
So small has its advantages: nano particles mix easily with other materials where they can do their trick. Manufacturers make use of this handy. Titanium dioxide nano-particles as spheres seem to be transparent, while UV radiation bouncing back. So stop for sunscreen manufacturers in example: you can see that you're brown, but as carcinogenic sunlight bouncing off of you.

But is it safe, all the titanium-balls? Titanium dioxide beads themselves are not carcinogenic? New research says a cautious 'yes'. The particles concentrate in high doses really damage in the body. That letter and Benedicte Trouiller his colleagues in the latest editions of the journal Cancer Research.

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