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Thread: HIV/AIDS vaccine from Canadian university approved for human trials

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    HIV/AIDS vaccine from Canadian university approved for human trials

    Global News : Tuesday, December 20, 2011 11:19 AM

    A team of researchers from the University of Western Ontario has been given the green light to begin human studies of an HIV vaccine.
    Photo Credit: Dawn Madura , AP Photo
    TORONTO -- A possible vaccine for HIV/AIDS has been approved for human trials, researchers from the University of Western Ontario announced on Tuesday.

    University of Western Ontario researchers made the announcement on Tuesday morning that United States Food and Drug Administration has approved the vaccine for human trials.

    According to a release by the University of Western Ontario, the vaccine "holds tremendous promise, having already proven to stimulate strong immune responses in preliminary toxicology tests with no adverse effects or safety risks."

    According to Dr. Chil-Yong Kang, of Western's Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry, the “FDA approval for human clinical trials is an extremely significant milestone for our vaccine, which has the potential to save the lives of millions of people around the world by preventing HIV infection."

    Not only is it the only vaccine being developed in Canada, but it is also the "first and only preventative HIV vaccine based on a genetically modified killed whole virus."

    The first phase of human trials, set to start in January 2012, will "double check the safety of the vaccine in humans, involving only 40 HIV-positive volunteers."

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    Re: HIV/AIDS vaccine from Canadian university approved for human trials

    If they'd stop infecting us with this "disease" then maybe we wouldn't NEED a "cure". I HATE the pharmaceutical industry. With a friggin passion. MMS, according to Jim Humble, CURES AIDS / HIV. So, there's already a cure for what they're infecting us with, why not use IT? Because, the big shots would lose out on money! Money, the biggest farce on the planet.

    All these people interested in making their 'precious' money, will fall and be completely lost when money is no more. And THEN, true cures, would be readily available and no more of these artificial diseases would be around. We will be a healthy people, and a prosperous people, but this can only happen when the bankers fall; when the illuminati fall.
    The truth IS out there! We just tend to look in all the wrong places.

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    Re: HIV/AIDS vaccine from Canadian university approved for human trials

    Sungazer, it's hard for a lot of us when it comes to this whole pharmaceutical / vaccine fight. There are those of us who KNOW where these "diseases" are coming from and why there can never be a "cure". It does hurt that these "scientists" are trying to find ways to cure things that they know nothing about because of the brainwashing they went through in school. All we can do is inform people, and spread the word as far as we can. I fee sorry for those who are blinded by what they believe to be truth. Yes, there are true cures out there. And, yes, MMS is one of them. Our minds, our souls, etc., are far better for healing than anything you could possibly imagine. The trick to any healing is: INTENT.

    No "cure" that comes from the scientific community will ever be a true cure. Like David Icke has been saying, side effects are not "side" effects, they are actually the effects. The side effects are the "if" it actually does what they say it will do. Any pharmaceutical just leads to more pharmaceuticals to compensate for the other pharmaceuticals. Even these things they call 'cures' and 'immunizations'.
    Go through your life with love and light, and nothing can truly harm you.

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