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Introduction and Background Information

I have heard much confusion and doubt about a man I admire much… Dr. Huber. When I first met Dr. Huber over four years ago, listened to his presentation, then reviewed his work in my hotel room, I began to realize what this meant for mankind. I wept, I cried some more, realizing how much evil was behind this; my tears are still on my notes of his work, I did not sleep, realizing how much work needed to be done. I have seen countless friends and family affected by the evil stemming from this crony capitalism network. Huber’s work is sound, his character strong, and he needs help spreading truth and clearing confusion. I am now asking for help from you, any of my friends, to equip yourselves with knowledge, as knowledge is power. This may bore many of you; too difficult for others, but it is the #2 thing to understand in your life other than God. If we can stop this, Dr. Huber is deserving of any earthly honor we can give him. I urge anyone who comprehends any of what I write to share this with as many as you can. It is a matter of utmost importance right now to ALL life on this planet.

This year farmers, ranchers, gardeners, landscapers and others have a new growing season upon us. Are we in for a hot, dry summer? Cool and wet? Windy, hail, flood, tornado….In some areas, all will be the case. Regardless, we have probably seen something similar before, and will probably see something similar in the future. What we have not seen before is the pollution and the disruption of the biosphere’s ability to adjust to whatever weather befalls one’s area.

Most of you have seen me share with you information coming out of the USDA, various Universities, and research institutes around the world on the adverse affects of genetically modified crops (GMO’s) and pesticides, particularly the glyphosate based herbicides. Don Huber has done a great job in getting the word out despite continuous character “assassination” attempts wielded by his Alma mater and other universities at risk of funding disruption if they admit the truth of their research findings.

This process reminds me of that experienced by Dr. Phil Callahan most of his career. Dr. Callahan was and still is nearly despised by his own entomology department at the University of Florida because he proved that insects’ antennae are more than mere “hat racks” and in fact are the mechanism via which insects detect and home in on mates, prey and food sources. Most infuriating to the entomology community was the fact that he showed the standard scent molecule fit theory to be grossly inadequate in explaining insect behavior, showing rather that electromagnetic signals in the infrared and radio range of the spectrum were the primary drivers of insect behavior. He additionally showed that insects can discern healthy vs sick plants correlating to their nutrient density and will attack ONLY sick plants.

That assertion of course was blasphemy against the chemical industry funded professor guild and afforded Dr. Callahan “quack” status. Fortunately real scientists recognized his profound work and consequently most of his entomology research is published in optics and physics journals. Most interesting is that the funding for Dr. Callahan came not from the chemical industry, rather from the Department of Defense (DoD) and resulted in the development of aircraft cloaking devices and other electronic warfare and communication advancements. Fortunately, the DoD is not intimidated by the chemical industry, nor the political hacks or intellectual prostitutes that do their bidding. As a result, after his retirement from USDA, Dr. Callahan was able to get much of his valuable research information out to the public for its education.

The point of this discussion is that with all the disparaging press against the military, particularly by the current administration and the former Clinton administration, the military seeks results, desirable, workable outcomes regarding its research funding. The result is that if DoD research is politically damaging, they classify the results so the public does not find out about them, as was the case with Callahan’s work. So is the case with Don Huber. His work at Ft. Detrick was about identifying potential biological threats to the US and our allies and sounding the alarm, e.g. informing the chain of command of the potential threat and recommending a response strategy. Dr. Huber’s letter to Secretary Vilsack was exactly that warning he was commissioned as a Colonel in the US Army to do. It is important to note that all the rhetoric coming out of Purdue, Iowa State, and other universities in an attempt to distance themselves from Dr. Huber and his colleagues or outright discredit him, never mention his rank as a Colonel in the US Army, his responsibilities or work for decades, while also at Purdue, as a researcher and the “go to guy” at Ft. Detrick regarding the very issue we face today with glyphosate, genetically modified crops, the evolution of new infective agents as a result of glyphosate and GMO crops and the emergence of new virulence in previously weak crop diseases.

These issues genuinely threaten the health and the very survival of human and animals on this planet. It is important for you to pay attention that in all of Dr. Huber’s presentations, his citation of multiple researchers from USDA, universities and research institutes around the world doing research independent of Dr. Huber, yet arriving at the same conclusion as Dr. Huber, proves that this “sound the alarm” is not merely a “Huber mirage,” but rather a real crisis of epic proportion confirmed by researchers around the world.

One must think about a man with both university and military retirement pensions, with a lovely wife and over 30 grandchildren whom he loves dearly, a comfortable home in a beautiful Western States valley, in his late 70′s, why he would put his entire career reputation on the line and travel over 200 days of the year tirelessly, driven by God, family and country to talk about the GMO and glyphosate situation? What many people don’t understand is that military veterans, especially career military veterans like Don Huber NEVER lose their oath to protect our country and its people to the day we die. How many of you care that much about yourselves, your families and loved ones, country, the unborn children and people around the world that you would risk everything to make the world a safer place, a healthier place? I know many of you are doing just that and I thank you. We will succeed at allaying these problems because of you and the many people in our ranks tirelessly doing their part to do what they can. If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem, and I urge you to help out where you can.

I will summarize some of the latest animal and human research on the GMO and glyphosate issue, none of which were done nor published by Dr. Huber. Look at this information carefully, get the articles and read these articles yourselves so that you are informed when the pompous naysayer wags his tongue."