Thursday, December 24, 2009

“Not even Ebenezer Scrooge himself could devise a scheme as cruel and greedy as Democrats’ government takeover of health care. Sen. Reid’s health care bill increases premiums for families and small businesses, raises taxes during a recession, cuts seniors’ Medicare benefits, adds to our skyrocketing debt, and puts bureaucrats in charge of decisions that should be made by patients and doctors.” — House Minority Leader John Boehner, D-Ohio.

“Specific provisions in this legislation will increase, rather than decrease, health care costs, reduce coverage options and disrupt existing coverage for families, seniors and small businesses.” — Karen Ignagni, president and chief executive of America’s Health Insurance Plans.

“What we asked for and what Congress promised was a plan that would bring costs under control and make health care more accessible by making it more affordable. What we received are employer mandates and other provisions that will drive up costs that are already far too high and that will endanger the employer-provided health insurance system that millions of American families depend on.” — National Retail Federation Vice President Neil Trautwein.

“It makes no sense to tax the benefits of hardworking Americans to pay for health reform. The House bill curbs insurance companies and taxes the wealthy who benefited so richly from the Bush tax cuts. The Senate bill instead includes exorbitant new taxes on middle class health benefits that would affect one in five workers with employer-provided health coverage — or about 31 million people — in 2016. That’s the wrong way to pay for health care reform and it’s political suicide.” — AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka

“As we move forward, America can look forward to watching Nancy Pelosi conduct the arm-twisting needed to convince her most liberal colleagues that the Senate version is the best Trojan horse possible to hide a true single-payer system, which is what this debate has always been about. This Christmas, the Democrats and President Obama have given America the one gift that keeps on taking.” — Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele.