Want to know this because forgot the answer to this and way too lazy to do a search for this. At the same time results for the search are complicated to follow.

Want to know how long does a midwife (all types of midwifes) spend with her patients compared to doctors?

Had my yearly GYN exam, today with my OB/GYN. Time spent with her was less then 5 minutes and she hardly looked into my chart. Especially after getting BRAC Test done (8/09) and getting positive result back. That means I have a chance of getting breast cancer because of that positive result. By the way my fraternal twin sister got that test done (around the same time as me) because our mother was diagnosed with stage 4 ovarian cancer (almost 2 yr ago, 6/08). Thats a long story and prefer not to get into on her. My mom gone though several rounds of chemo, surgery to remove it, and maintence rounds of chemo as well. In my opinion she gone though more chemo then she should had to and etc. Then, my sister and my friend's mom was diagnosed with breast cancer (9/09 or 10/09), but forgot what stage it was in. After founding a lump in one of her breasts and she already had the surgery to remove it. Shes also undergoing rounds of chemo and radiation theraphy as well. At the same time left parts of our friends mom story out as well. My OB/GYN a new mother (shes was pregnant with it when I 1st saw her, last yr). She worked though the pregnancy, had the baby, and was back at work after being on maternity leave for the minium amount of time. As know of she didn't didn't or intend bf it because of her work and etc. By the way her father is also is OB/GYN as well, but mainly GYN now. Unsure when he stopped with OB part of the practice.