Adverse effects of transceiver stations digital TV
Friday, April 10, 2009

In an open letter to President Obama and the American people, three leading German medical scientists warned of the now in their own country demonstrated harmful effects on human health, which arose after the introduction of digital TV broadcasts. The U.S. in 2009 a massive switch to digital television broadcasts (in the Netherlands was already the end of 2006).

"We write you because we are the significant negative effects on health would save that here in Germany have occurred. In Germany, the analog TV broadcasts since 2003, gradually replaced by digital broadcasts. The conversion took first place in metropolitan areas. In these areas, the exposure to (RF) radiation at public places in the houses of the people ever again. The continuing deterioration of the health of children, adolescents and adults in urban areas could not otherwise be linked. "
'On May 20, 2006, two digital broadcast stations in operation in the region Heidelstein-Kreuzberg (Hessen)Netherlands . Until that time, this area with a relatively low radiation level of mobile-phone transceiver stations. After deployment was within a radius of more than 20 miles a sudden increase of the following symptoms were observed: constant headaches, pressure in the head, drowsiness, difficulty sleeping, inability to think clearly, forgetfulness, tension, irritability, tight feeling in the chest, rapid heart rate, respiratory deficiency, depression, apathy, loss of empathy, a burning sensation on the skin, internal burning sensation, weakness in the legs, pain in the limbs, stabbing pains in various organs and weight gain. "
'Birds flee the area. Cats were barely externally. A child committed suicide, another child was an attempt to do so. At the same time, same intolerable symptoms observed in other locations, most recently in Bamberg and Aschaffenburg on November 25, 2008. Medici brought to people affected areas where no digital radiation was (valleys, ridges behind) and saw how all these people in a short time, and no longer had these symptoms. "
"The responsible bodies in Germany, were approached for help, but they refused to do something, despite the strong indirect evidence of the deliberate areas. The government ignored the fundamental rights of the affected people, as guaranteed in the German Constitution. "
In the letter, the scientists in a somewhat technical story explained why the new digital radiation very likely the cause of the sudden increase in health problems, which children appear to be more vulnerable than adults.

''With all the available scientific data, key questions remain unanswered ... The biological effects (on the human body) are only for individual frequencies examined (not for digital broadcasting, using a very broad spectrum of frequencies several thousand at a time). Data on different biological effects of the entire frequency spectrum, are not available, the scientists get an earlier study, which further stated that the effects of radiation exposure to these very complex and not to sound 'were, and almost no data available about the long-term effects of digital broadcasts.
"In Germany we see strong evidence of a direct link between the start of digital TV broadcasts and the occurrence of serious health problems. Dr.Ing. W. Volkrodt, former R & D engineer at Siemens, recognized the danger of electromagnetic fields for humans, animals and plants, all in 1987 when he wrote: "Future historians will RF (radiation) dilemma between 1975 and 1990 described as a short temporary 'technical incident', 'where he went from hope that the politicians would listen to reason. "This incident can quickly and effectively remedied with the introduction of fiber-optic (fiber optic) technology." He could not, however, the emergence of large mobile phone, and now digital television broadcasting stations for which huge amounts of harmful electromagnetic radiation on the people released.
"The U.S. population gets its TV broadcasts via satellite and cable. If contrast is the risk associated with ground-based digital TV broadcasting stations, unacceptably high. "
"Therefore we ask you, Mr. President, who has heart for the welfare of its citizens, to the planned introduction of new technology in the U.S. to stop, and the people the harmful effects on their health, such as those found in our country arise, to save. "
The urgent call of the three scientists, made in February 2009, has unfortunately had no effect. As in Germany, the Netherlands and other countries, including in the U.S. switched to digital TV broadcasts over the air. The Americans, even with government subsidy reduction in the needed digital converters for older TVs.

(For clarity: the harmful radiation coming from so-called DVB-T or Digital Video Broadcasting-Terrestrial, broadcasts over the air, not cable / satellite / fiber. At the end of 2006 in the Netherlands all analog broadcasts ethernet stopped, and the Dutch channels (national and regional) only digital Free To Air. This means that the Dutch over exposed to this radiation. In the Netherlands, digital terrestrial broadcasting by KPN / Digitenne.)

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