Protest against wireless technologies in Brussels
Thursday, April 30, 2009

Some action against electromagnetic radiation have announced a protest action in the margins of Brussels a conference on wireless technologies that take place Thursday on the campus of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB). According to the scientists would protest premature. Reported that the university today.

There is a pilot project of the regional government with wifi on the VUB-campus, but the intention is to work this term should be extended to the rest of the city.

That, however, encountered opposition from some groups who Thursday announced a protest action near the VUB campus.

Radiation Monitor
According to scientists, this protest is rather premature, because the scientific debate about the effects of electromagnetic radiation is still in full swing and the results were not as clear as the action claim.

"Just because of this concern in a part of the population has Brussels project a radiation monitor appointed during the pilot project will measure the radiation and will identify opportunities to reduce, as it sounds.

Up to twenty times less radiation
The VUB is Brussels mobile data services, with no mobile phone against the ear. "From radiation from a device can, in principle, no question. And the radiation from the network, scientists experiment with new networking technologies which studies to twenty times less radiation than traditional GSM networks, cordless phones, baby and so on, "says the press release yet. (belga / mvdb)

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