No, Obama Did Not "Sign the US On to Codex"

Internet rumor is rampant about this, but it is not true. Perhaps this is simple misinformation: Codex is complex in the extreme and I can understand why people could get confused. This misinformation leads people to mistakenly say, "Well, the deed is done and there is nothing more I can do about it." Not so.

Or, again, perhaps this is intentional disinformation designed to take the wind out of the sales of Codex oppononts by convincing people that the deed is done and there is nothing more to say.

But the deed is NOT done and there is a GREAT DEAL more to say. Please read this brief article,, and then pass it along: let people know that the US has not, despite the decades of trying by the FDA and others, been signed on to Codex!

Here is the article at