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Thread: Electric Toothbrush

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    Electric Toothbrush

    In today’s era, people have the option of purchasing en electronic toothbrush for brushing teeth. Actually, the invention is not so new. The first electronic toothbrushes came out in Europe in the 1950’s. There have been modifications and improvements made over time and they didn’t really hit the market full-scale until about a decade ago.

    An electric toothbrush is designed to vibrate at a high speed, producing much more brush strokes per minute than manual toothbrushes. They also come with special unique features like different cleaning modes, brush timers, whitening polishers, gum massagers and pressure sensors, amongst many other capabilities. All of these factors help you ensure that you maintain an optimum level of oral hygiene and dental health. Before using electric toothbrush one should take advice from Chicago family dentist.

    For more information check out dentalchicago.org/find-a-dentist-chicago/

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    Re: Electric Toothbrush

    Hi chidental,
    Thanks for the reminder but I have heard some draw backs of electric brush.
    Like it can damage your gum.

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