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Thread: Threat of famine U.S. in 2009

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    Threat of famine U.S. in 2009

    Threat of famine U.S. in 2009
    Tuesday, December 2, 2008

    The extreme weather of the past year, worldwide and in the U.S. a huge attack on crops. Ca's agricultural belt dies by drought, the cereal reserves are depleted and the population decreased bees also makes for a poor harvest. Despite the low fuel prices is expected that the global food shortage in 2009 will increase. A famine and the ensuing food riots, even in the U.S. is no longer unthinkable.

    If there is indeed food riots in the United States will take place and that possibility is becoming more likely than close the country joined a long list of countries that already this year were faced with great social unrest by shortage of food: South Africa, Pakistan, lebanon, Kenya, Nicaragua, Mexico, Bahrain, United Arab Emirates, Italy, Russia, Indonesia, Egypt, Haiti, Cameroon, Senegal, Ivory Coast, Mauritania, Bolivia, Peru, Thailand, Somalia, Ethiopia, Burkina Faso, Uzbekistan, Yemen, India and the Philippines.
    The U.S. state Iowa received this year for the second time in 10 years to the flood according to the statistics' once in 500 years' takes place. The American farmers are insured against damage crops and harvest, but many farmers are still not paid. Suspected that several insurance companies by the credit crisis in difficulty and potentially fall. As a result, many farmers in major financial problems.
    Propane and diesel are important agricultural states such as North and South Dakota and Iowa still scarce. Hundreds of filling stations have been closed because the transport of fuel has become too expensive. Farmers have sometimes two hours to drive to diesel. This cost them so much that many of their financial bottom has been reached.
    Due to the very wet year, the corn harvest a bit wetter than usual. In order to avoid rotting the harvest always dried. Due to the increased humidity is now estimated at as much as 2x propane than normal to harvest drying. In vast areas, the farmers without or almost without propane trapped. Large parts of the corn harvest is in danger of being lost.
    The humidity is only much later corn harvest ripe. Now, however, threatens the winter to fall. Farmers on their bare knees praying that the snow for a while will be absent, otherwise they lose 40% of their crop yield this year and already 20% that of the beginning of next year as the country soya beans are planted. That is because the non-harvested corn fields cases snow prolonged detention, and in 2009, therefore, later than normal soya beans can be planted.
    In addition there is a danger of a worldwide shortage of fertilizer, even in the U.S.. If the wheat harvest is not enough fertilized with ammonia, the harvest too little protein and a piece of bread are less nutritious. In countries such as Egypt in 2009, this unprecedented tragedy to worry, because half the population is dependent on subsidized bread.
    In addition to weather the financial crisis plays a major role. The price of ammonia has decreased sharply, but the suppliers, which depend for 75% of the world, left with large stocks of ammonia remaining in the tower high prices this summer are purchased. Farmers have hardly enough money to buy, and also could be a shortage in supplies. Some have talked about the 'mother of all fertilizer deficit "that the U.S. will take in 2009. This will have a devastating impact on harvests and food next year.
    Local banks have no more money for farmers to borrow. The farmers as a result no fuel and no more fertilizer purchase, despite the fact that prices have fallen from it as. Without loans from the bank for the American farmers simply impossible to sow their land and fertilizer. A food crisis of unprecedented proportions is on the threshold. And we have not even talked about the farmers who threaten to go bankrupt because the country 's largest ethanol producer, Verasun no money to pay for their harvests and also a bankrupt shifting.
    2009: Famine in the U.S.? It seems inconceivable, but it is virtually no longer avoid.
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    Friedrich Nietzsche

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