Hello All,

Most of us are aware of cell phone technology emitting radiation (EMR-Electro Magnetic Radiation/RFR- Radio Frequency Radiation).

I've intended to pass this along, but I get lost at times. At any rate, below is a link that will give you specific cell phone radiation levels for all cellular brands (yes, they vary) and you can also enter your own brand to see it's particular radiation level. It is still not required by the FCC for the Cellular Phone Industry to release radiation levels for their phones to the public, so this is handy.

You can also review precautionary measures as well read about conditions associated to cell phone usage.

Below is a brief, but interesting tidbit of information that is not included on the link I've attached.

Brain Tumors have increased by 25% in the U.S. and 300% world wide over the last 25 years…To this day, the primary cause of brain tumors is unknown. However, a Swedish study conducted in 2004, has linked mobile phones to brain damage.