The energy of the Photo Belt, transferred to a higher vibration
Monday, March 2, 2009

Note! This is an old article but it contains information which is still current. Hence we get him out.

While we proceed to the year 2000 begins the notion of time as we know they exist, to change. Several things are the cause of. One is that our bodies begin to respond to a higher energy vibration that our earthly energy cortex. This energy is the Fontongordel, and has a specific intention. Since 1982, this energy belt ever closer to our planet. He has an incredible impact on all who are sensitive to. Time, as we know, it is accelerated so that eventually the linear concept of time will outgrow. This energy also drives hundreds of thousands of people to earth to the spiritual in their own search. To find healing on many levels: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. She has many clerks, secretaries, shopkeepers, factory workers, etc. 'retrained' to full time or part time healers.

So, while we move to the year 2000, this energy belt, because that is the real, but always closer to the earth. He not only creates problems with our current sense of time but also has a physical impact. There is little written on this subject. Moreover, the few that still is so technical that you need a special dictionary for the terminology to understand. It was in this respect, and after I recognized that nothing existed to help me that I decided to write this information down. I hope it will help meet the spiritual development of many who are looking to spirituality, or just leave the door open for the understanding of the changes associated with the belt.

These changes take place as the spiritual world helps us. Spirit helps us to vibration energy up so that we can cope with the increase of the vibration that our earthly level is currently undergoing. You might have noticed (who does not?) That the time great speeds. Once you had all the time in the world. You got up in the morning and the time seemed all day to stand still. You worked through your day out and succeeded to all your duties at work and at the end of the day sleeping. But now you're only out of bed or it is already noon! You wonder where the time is still around. In a blink the evening and you could hardly do what you planned. The time has just flashed past. The reason for this is the Photo Belt.

If you have the spiritual door opened, or the path, or you are what is called a Light Worker (someone who already works for Spirit) than you can say on Thursday that you get one of the following symptoms will show. The change of energy also brings changes in our bodies with them. Many will not cope with the energy and will on an unconscious level to decide to leave the planet, either in person or by an accident. It is in any case their own choice when this happens. For those who stay and move in the energy of the Photo Belt will not only change over time. They will also have the following symptoms. If you have these symptoms in yourself discovered, scrape your courage: you're not alone. Hundreds if not thousands of people in the world feel the same things.

For many years we were told about the distribution of the Earth. By the end of the century, major changes occur. Well, it's time and no one is prepared. This is really about "Christ Energy. They prepare the spiritual people who have been waiting for the emergence of a new era. She comes as a thief in the night "as Christ said about his return. Photo Belt is like a virus that unnoticed and slow through the body, waiting to come to the surface. Nobody is prepared. And most people in the media to save loud laugh when they hear about it.

This energy will affect all our communications, electricity networks, computers. Actually what will power it used to be. In the USA were already 2 times massive blackouts place without any specific reason was found. That they can not. Nobody has ever seen something similar. In any case, the way we look at major electrical energy to change. In the next 3 years will always be more areas on earth with these failures to make and nobody can explain why.

The people that are on the Photo Energy have nothing to fear. They will have worked themselves to fulfill their blockages, free will and are already in a higher spiritual dimension or to a higher vibration level. They will also get a change have been presented in this article, and will thus be adapted to the higher energy. The energy of the Photo Belt can not affect them because they themselves have worked to their karma. They are confronted with their self-made and have worked with them all things in this and other incarnations blocked. Learn to live in the NOW! Is no longer with the past and the future. It will be much easier to use the energy to go.

Well, what are those changes and how will they affect you feel? Below is a list of most symptoms and if possible, what to do about it. Some changes you will simply have to undergo. For others you can find solutions that will help with the energy to go. Throughout all the experience you have in mind that your speed increases vibration to that of the planet compatible. I myself went through the process and it is not a pleasant experience. I have however survived. So you should act as a survival course. The changes in myself have 12 years from 1984 to 1996. It was a rough period. But I'm glad I'm gone because I get all my energy independent have blocked them. My Chakra's are pure and active. Light flows stronger and easier through my body. I am a healer become stronger, are more psychic and a pure channel for Christ Energy. This energy is waiting to by others may arise. I am a teacher, healer and spiritual adviser. I would not have without the changes that I went down, and that you will not be. Just remember, if you make changes, you not only stands for. That alone should you need help.

These can range from local Migraines headache. For some reason women are more susceptible than men. They are caused by too much energy through the crown chakra flows and hormonal changes that occur when the chakras are stimulated. You can address to the Higher Source to ask them to remove. Or you can keep Engel questions to help solve them. If the pain should be to help you open your pineal gland and your pituitary, then they will not disappear, even if you request it. The pain will be reduced. When you are on a higher frequency begins to vibrate the two glands used to the higher energy. Other glands change also, but the two who have most to offer. This could drag on for several months or even a few years, depending on the spiritual level where you are located. An amethyst can help contribute, or otherwise natural or homeopathic remedies.

This is a fairly general phenomenon and it seems that little can be done. They are caused by all that junk in your Chakra's and now have accumulated on the surface is. That you have undergone. Hot lemon drinks help clearing. Do not work too much during this period. You are indeed a major change in your vibration level. This is over.

Vomiting, loose stools, diarrhea
These symptoms suggest that the solar plaiting chakra is opened and cleaned. People with accumulated fears, anger and resentment experienced these changes. A yellow crystal as citrine can help you. You can also drink water that contains a crystal or a crystal to close the Chakra. The Bach Flowers Bach "Rescue Remedy" can also bring relief. You can even every half hour if necessary.

Extreme fatigue
This allows you to feel awake. You've slept the whole night, but you get the morning but not the bed. In the afternoon, you just lie down and sleep. It is an energy change through the spiritual body that is involved. Over time this symptom disappears. Each individual is different. For some weeks this may continue, for others months or even years. I left me with the flow Rijven informed and when I was tired, I took some rest and the morning I gave it not to me to turn and back to sleep. Ordinary quartz can help to a necklace or a glass of water you drink then empty. A pyramidal structure where you can sit you great energy shots as you need it.

Excess Energy
You crawled out to ten hours in bed. You wake up and it is only 1 hour and yet you feel like it was 8 in the morning. This is the Photo Belt Energy around you and build on the capacity of your body to store them because of blocked energy. Do not and do not clean up the kitchen! The energy is there for a reason. It brings healing to all subtle bodies: spiritual, mental, emotional and physical. Sit down and just read, watch TV (which is mostly for me because I am tired of word) or listen to a meditation recording. This phenomenon can reassure a time.

When you feel sad, or crying for no apparent reason you are you busy with blocked energy to let go any longer than this life is, those of other food comes. You need energy to go. Photo Belt helps you also. There is little you can do this. Everything is geared to the energy release alone. Attempts to reduce this risk, the case will hold just more difficult. Just let go, cry if you need to feel and look a Bach Bach Flowers to the emotional level to help. 'Rescue Remedy' is fantastic. The more obstructions you opruimt the faster the symptom disappears.

Hot flushes And swet at night and daytime
These symptoms are generally common in both men and women. They have to do with energy that flows rapidly through the body, hormonal changes - which men also face - and body at a higher frequency is trying to adapt. Some men even have breasts or a larger chest circumference over time. If you are a man and inside this, do not worry, you will not have to bear BH! You will, however, while a bloated feeling in the chest region.

Muscle and joint pain
When the higher frequency penetrates your body, the force is so great that many of the effects in their physical body will feel in the form of muscle and joint pains. You can ask the Higher Source to the pain that goes with it to remove. Once the body to the higher vibration has been used, it will disappear and the incoming energy is no longer a problem.

This can be a scary feeling because you feel that you get a heart attack. If you in any way to cooperate with Spirit, you'll probably feel them. It may also seem as if you do not breathe it. Where the Heart Chakra is opened briefly to higher energy to, he can not handle this and should therefore adjust. Just described the symptoms and a feeling of energy through your solar plexus and heart chakra results (heart and stomach area) are fairly common. These symptoms can go along for a while. There is nothing else than to fully relax when they occur. Do not be afraid, it is a normal step in increasing the oscillation frequency of your body.

Many associated with the above symptoms to get thicken too. That was with me in any case. It is a kind of protection of the body, it feels as if it is penetrated. The Self in action and try to protect themselves. Furthermore, uses more water. Eight glasses of water per day can help your weight under control. If you like Light Worker for Spirit will have to work, you at least moisture in your body needs. They have water in your body needs energy to make, just as we use water for energy. The body will store water if the supply is not adequate. If you do not want to weight problem, drink plenty of water.

This can be a horrible feeling. You remember what you ate an hour ago, for example. YOU ARE NOT THERE TO amnesia. You are going from left brain to a greater use of the right brain half. There are areas in the brains activated to help in the processing of higher energy. I felt like I had been an attack and being unable to talk. Often there are words Stott-in or twisted off. This situation is over, but there is no time limit on.

Suddenly you find that sound too hard. That has to do with a higher frequency. Everything sounds so loud. Even a dog three blocks sounds as if he stands next to you. Some people (at least I) feel like there is someone in their ears and need to scratch. Often you can feel pain. This is due to higher energy.

When the higher energy is open, you are particularly sensitive to people, sounds, different things. This can affect the central nervous system and can be difficult to process. In that case, you need vitamins from the B group and take multi vitamins. If you are allergic to these substances, please homeopaths a drug or a Bach flower remedy for extreme sensitivity.

A depressed feeling is a lot of high frequencies. The higher energy forces every disease, every virus, regardless of what your body is hidden to the surface. Often manifests itself in the form of a depression. Visit a spiritual advisory and try to the root of the problem to intervene. It would be in a previous incarnation can sit, keep this in mind. Do not be afraid. This is over and you'll so much lighter you feel when everything is finished. St. John's wort may help with depression mean special.

Jumping sputtering LAMPS AND ELECTRONICS
I once stepped in at a New Zealand radio station in Auckland and all the control panels were in the war. I also visited a TV station in Los Angeles for a TV show and all the lights were flickering but. I have a real problem in recording studios and the recording of my cassettes. When these things happen in your presence, you have a very high frequency, and you're probably a strong healer or a depth channel for Spirit. They are due to extremely high energy in the physical form manifests. It could be described as 50,000 volts that suddenly within flows. Not only the body can hardly. The energy goes through the body going and is there again, so that all electronic equipment is disturbed.

Photo Belt itself will also bring it closer to when the earth is. One advantage is that you have a much better picture with energy considerations will be the ordinary man in the street.

You will find that dogs, cats and other animals will notice your energy and be shocked by either or all the time in the area to continue. Many animals can not get enough of that energy. Others are more scared because they do not understand. When your body adapts to the higher vibration, this over.

When your energy moves, you'll notice that you no longer desire certain things. Coffee, tea and meat are three of the many products that people replaced when they vibrate higher. Meat is very compact and can really affect the energy of the body, especially when it contains hormones.

You can be exposed to certain nutrients desire, whether you are turning your favorite foods. This is normal and is part of the change. Discover just when this happens to you and explore the new possibilities.

When your vibration increases, go through different levels of consciousness. The first change you get the Lunar Consciousness within. Here you start clairvoyant and healing opportunities to develop and become more sensitive. This level takes about five years.

Solar Consciousness is the next step. In this phase you achieve a greater harmony and the beginning of all your subtle bodies to tackle. For those who are not aware of this: we have not only a physical body but also an emotional (astral), mental and spiritual bodies more. In the solar phase we solve all the problems at this level. This takes about three to five years. Many do not go beyond this phase, which has a very high level one. Set Lair awareness is the next step, but is confined to the person who has a very high level, Spirit will be working. Set Lair level means that all your chakras are purified, that all of your karma and you've finished a pure channel for Spirit are. The next step is the appearance of the Divine Force, God, Ultimate Being or whatever higher power you want to call. This is only for the great spiritual teachers play.

The purpose of the Photo Belt is the energy of the earth to a higher level. All the old and negative should disappear from the earth so that new learning can penetrate. He helps the man himself to a higher level. This will be a lot of revolutions on earth concerns. There will be natural disasters. They are already doing and will continue. But when this passed, it will be a human race we are. No longer met our ego or self, no longer at war. Than 1000 years, peace will prevail.

Hot Photo Energy welcome in your life. Let the changes happen. Fight not against (if you try, you'll lose). Try to laugh your way. Life is not a major issue. If you printed out the circumstances, look at what is happening in the world and be grateful for what you have. Many of us will in future cooperate with Spirit to this world a better place to do. In order to have us to their level, lifting their dimension, and that helps us to the Photo Belt. Have fun during your stay! Maitreya.

Translation by Hans Fiers

Note to editors: Everyone is equal. No one is less and everyone can achieve what he or she wants. Go own research and take the points that you feel good.

Source: unitynet