Should you depart a healthcare facility still living, they receive $10.000. Should you expire there, they acquire $45.000 without any investigation! Plenty more surprising information and facts,. Worth listening to...

From DR. Jennifer Daniels:
If you are interested in learning more about why your prescribed medication doesn't seem to be healing you or how to go about letting it go, today's show is for you. Learn what's really going on in the medical industry and empower yourself to take control of your health. We're delighted to have discovered Dr. Daniels, she's the real deal. Be prepared for some shocking information in this interview. And please take time to share it with someone.
Show Highlights Include:
-Hear why Dr. Daniels had her medical license suspended
Hint: Asking good questions and actually curing ailments may just not be on THE agenda
-And why she is now on the "DO NOT EMPLOY" List and on the "OH MY GOD SHE MAY BE A TERRORIST" List
-Why antibiotics are the biggest fraud in medical history
-Why we need to stop asking for permission to do things we already have the right to do
-A word or 3 about vaccinations
-What is MRSA? And why does it seem to be the new plague?
-Why in the world are good bowel movements so very important for good health and how to have them everyday
-Hot flashes-A myth of menopause