Hospital treats bird flu suspect in Ngawi

The Jakarta Post , Jakarta | Tue, 03/17/2009 9:52 PM | National

Doctor Suroto Hospital in Ngawi is treating a two-year old child allegedly suffering from bird flu, reported on Tuesday.
Slamet, the father of the child, said that doctors at Karangjati public health center had transferred his child on Tuesday morning after knowing the patient had contacts with chickens that died of avian influenza virus a week earlier.

“Officials from Ngawi Husbandry Agency declared the virus was the cause of the deaths of 30 chicken nearby our home. Three days later, my child suffered from fever and cough,” he said.

Doctor Harun Al Rasyid said that he was waiting for the blood examination result from a health laboratory to find out whether or not the patient had indeed suffered from bird flu.

“We'll also do an X-ray over the patient's lungs and expect to get the results within the coming days,” Harun said.

If its proven that the toddler was suffering from bird flu, he added, the Suroto hospital would transfer the patient to Sudono Hospital in Madiun, as it is the only recommended hospital bird flu patient treatment in East Java. (ewd)