This video is meant only as a piece of comedy - though it is based on fact. We know that virtually every US president is related to the Royal families of Europe. You only need to check their geneologies to see that this is true. So there's no debate about whether they are related or not because it is already documented and irrefutable fact. All this video attempts to do is examine and compare some of the faces of recent US presidents and British Royalty, to see if there's still any physical resemblence between their facial features. This would show that the bloodlines haven't been diluted very much with time. This video shows the there is at least some resemblence - particularly in the shape of the eyes, nose and teeth. Of course, the video is presented in a humourous and satirical light, but why not? It is better to laugh than cry.

These illuminati families have been ruling over the UK and USA for centuries. What does that mean for you and me?... Well it means, for example, that no matter who your are, you have virtually no chance of becoming a president or a prime minister unless you are directly related to the UK Queen. Though it can count in your favour if you happen to be a high ranking member of a secret society like the CFR, freemasons, Bilderbergers or the Trilateral Commission. Tony Blair and his "oppo-same" David Cameron are BOTH Freemasons and they are BOTH directly related to the Queen. Barack Obama is a cousin of Dick Cheney, who is also related to the Royal family. Need I say more?