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Thread: Illuminati Recordings expect Christians in 2012'

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    Illuminati Recordings expect Christians in 2012'

    Illuminati Recordings expect Christians in 2012'
    Last updated: Monday, December 29 , 2008

    According to a school klappende illumination-insider knows supposed select group of world rulers behind the scenes all times that the "recording" of Christians actually take place. They will be in 2012 a "soul harvest", which evolved souls on Earth the 'Fourth Dimension' (lett. 'density') will act within. The souls of non-advanced-reading: the conservative-Christians will suddenly disappear and be transported to a replica-Earth, where they must continue "to itself to work."

    This scenario shows striking agreements with the scenario as in most New Age groups are shown (see also this article). Both in Illuminati circles and in the New Age are conservative Christians as a third beings considered that the 'progress' of the Earth to a new and "enlightened" era stopped. Both groups have much influence and both believe in a sudden removal of this' back holders.
    The 'enlightened' age, according to the insider, who is identical with the nickname 'Hidden Hand', but nothing else than the reunification with their real ruler: Lucifer ( 'one', or 'creator'). To work with him the absolute world domination, it is necessary that there is an apocalyptic offer: an almost all devastating Third World War.

    The Illuminati see themselves as Luceferianen, at the beginning of the world had a pact with the God of the Bible, Yahweh. This pact was tantamount to the introduction of 'evil' in the world, giving people a free will would have to choose between good and evil. In this vision there was something Yahweh had not expected, that the man chose evil. The result was that the Illuminati over the world were predominant.
    The world in its current form, however, like the Illuminati at all. Under 'Hidden Hand' would be their purpose the creation of the deepest evil (selfishness, or "negative polatiteit '), which would enable them to finally be back in contact with their master: Lucifer, or Satan.
    'On December 21, the' Lord of the harvest 'return. Some call him 'Nibiru'. As that date approaches, the coming years we will see dramatic events. Super Storms, crushing tsunamis and global devastation. A solar eruption will end 2009 / early 2010 for the melting of the ice sheets ensure that many low-lying coastal areas will be inundated. "
    "Cities such as San Francisco and Damascus will be the end of 2010 are uninhabitable, possibly even earlier. It depends on certain 'forces' at work, and what time lines are activated. Humanity plays by its collective subconscious a major role. People choose automatically for the negative polarity, for evil through their actions and thoughts. Thoughts are creative energies - you get what you think. "
    The evil is there for your own good
    "Hidden Hand" says that the Illuminati are responsible for the emergence of war, hatred, greed, control, slavery, genocide, torture, moral decay, prostitution, drugs, etcetera. All these cases are, however, for our own good 'created.
    "All these negative things we give people some options. But they see it. What is important is not what they do, but how they respond. Since people have their free will for it. They must take responsibility. In fact, we are all one. If this is understood, then the whole game included. "
    "Understand that we MUST have negative Illuminati. Therefore we are here. It's always been our mission to help you people, you 'catalyst' to be. Negative is difficult for us, not on physical level (we just nice), but on a spiritual level. We are the low negative vibrations eonen ago outgrown. We are light, and love. It is very difficult for us to all this negativity to create, but we do it because we the people, and ultimately the highest goods. You could say that we offer our service to the infinite creator (Lucifer) and julllie, our brothers and sister in the 'one'.
    "Our creator is the person you called Lucifer," light bearer "and" the Morning. " This is not 'the devil' such as those in your Bible falsely describes. Lucifer is what you a 'group soul' or 'social memory complex "would call. That means that he belongs to the Sixth Dimension has taken off, which actually means that or he is actually 'wij'-now has reached a higher status that Yahweh. We are further developed than Him. Lucifer's perfectly expressing, or 'our' essence is that of a sun or a bright star. In the third dimension of his life appears as an 'angel' or a 'light essence.
    Role of media

    According Hidden Hand media plays a very important role in creating the negative and make it that way the people ignorant collaborators.
    "Why do you think the media is so important for us? The human society is in a hypnotic, comatose state caused by your own free will. You have your thoughts saturated with unhealthy food, what you are until you take the TV violence, pornography, greed, hatred, selfishness, constantly 'bad news', fear and terror. The planet, which is the result of your collective thoughts. Every time you see injustice and turn a blind eye, are you an accomplice. Your "thoughts" on the subconscious level of the 'creator', make sure you allow this sort of thing. This way you to our goal. "
    The harvest in 2012

    "You people are indeed what you 'divine souls' call; vonkjes or seeds of your Creator, Yahweh. You are the light and you begin to remember who you really are. Our goal is to help you. At this moment you are still caught in the 'matter' of this planet you call Earth. On the macro cosmic level you Yahweh, His' group soul '.

    For an evil doer spent Hidden Hand to own most of his time to educate people to avoid the pitfalls of the illumination, and learning to listen to their 'inner voice', so they take the 'big harvest' redeemed will of the "wheel of reincarnation."
    "You will never be free as long as you continue to incarnate on this planet. How can you or freely? To understand where you are and why you 'here' are. The time is quickly run to come to this realization. The harvest in 2012, and those will not save the whole cycle over. " The 'negative crop' will he 95% of humanity contain. That leaves about 350 million people outside the boat will fall and thus the "third dimension" of Yahweh to be maintained.
    13 bloodlines
    Hidden Hand asserts that he is among the 13 bloodlines of the world since the beginning of time have dominated. These 'houses', each with their own specific task, such as the organs in a body. The members of these bloodlines occupy key positions in government, the armed forces, spiritual organizations, science, etcetera. In addition, the illumination of the financial markets, and using the media they control the world in this way.
    Democracy Hidden Hand is an illusion, a way to keep people in slavery. Thus, in the U.S. but in fact a Party: the Illuminati. They determine who is the new American president is.

    There are the next few years, several scenarios are possible, but all leyden according Hidden Hand to the implementation of the ubiquitous' blueprint 'of their creator: Lucifer.
    Hidden Hand says that in 2009, unforeseen circumstances, a new currency will be introduced and also a new Union of Nations will be established.

    'Svali, one person escaped from the Illuminati, Hidden Hand has many hidden truths about the organization unveiled (see this article). One of the most frapante things Svali them for the day was the unmasking of the lie that the Illuminati and Zionism are in line. Svali said precisely the opposite is the case, and the foundation of the State of Israel for the Illuminati as a large, very unpleasant surprise came. The illumination will also continue to do to try to destroy Israel.
    Hidden Hand let the dark, completely twisted satanic thoughts and plans of the Illuminati see hypocrisy. It is an absolutely disgusting idea that the Illuminati humanity would 'help', just by the infliction of the utmost misery and suffering. Even worse is the fact that they seem to be prepared for almost the whole of humanity to sacrifice to their major purpose, the association with their 'creator': Lucifer in the Bible: Satan, the devil.
    Or Hidden Hand now everything has spoken the truth can not be verified. But his story fits exactly in the 'picture' as much more is outlined on the situation in the world, and who is actually behind the scenes pulling the strings.
    For a Christian, this story again confirming the reality of the big fight in the spiritual world and that we are the very last stage of human history in order, in which Lucifer, the great deceiver, the Earth will be thrown down, and this work will be devastating. Fortunately there is another (again, off-biblical) confirming the arrival of the 'recording' of the Church, those in the eyes of the Illuminati and the New Age not worthy enough to Earth to remain conservative Christians. Of this recording now takes place in 2012 or 2009 - the time seems at least very close, especially given the many confirmations that many Christians around the world already have a long time. New Age world is preparing for years for the disappearance of Christians
    Original article here
    Humanity is prepared for real Christ-deceptive appearances

    Bill Lambert, a former leader of the Theosofisch Society ', held in 1991 a seminar entitled' Possible and probable events in the future. " Learn how in the highest circles of the New Age world has been prepared on a combination of religions and the sudden disappearance of a group of Christians, the coming and appearance of
    'Christ' and this' new world order 'in spiritual terms, in the way.

    A former member of the Worldwide Church of God and Theosofisch Society, 'John', was the late 80's a born again Christian diverted to both New Age beliefs societies. What he revealed about the New Age plans for the creation of a new world and the necessary transformation of Christianity and the combination of the three major religions, is still the basis of the ongoing plans to create a new world order and the arrival of the Christ '(the biblical antichrist) .
    The occult theosoof Lambert were the following New Age concepts and objectives of great importance to the arrival of the Christ "by conservative Christians the 'Antichrist' is mentioned, to be made:
    Concept 1: Thoughts affect reality and the future
    'According to occult laws energy follows thought: what a person thinks that he creates. Therefore, a collective belief in the false prophecies an immense subconscious level of negative feelings create, so it actually prophecies to be fulfilled.
    Armageddon is a good example. People believe in the Armageddon-concept, which assumes that the world must be destroyed before a new can be created (the new heaven and new earth). Consequently, a massive belief in this concept to the performance of this concept. Belief in Armageddon is inextricably together with Israel and the Middle East, and ensure that nations focus their attention on this region, so there may be a massive, possibly nuclear war will break out. "

    Concept 2: The Association of the New Jerusalem
    "Depending on the exact circumstances, somewhere before the year 2010, the New Jerusalem Covenant" are closed, a combination of Jewish, Christian and Muslim areas in Jerusalem. All three religions will be maintained jointly 3 holidays:
    1. The festival of good will (May-June)
    2. Easter (April) ( "New birth, the arrival of the Christ ')

    3. The Wesak Festival (March) (Birth of Boedda)

    The holding of this combined public holidays will be a New World Order Religion and create the spiritual equivalent of the political United Nations.

    If the religious communities in the world have been merged, then the same time the government following political and business conferences:
    1. A global 'good will' conference (peace conference)
    2. A global humanitarian and disarmament conference
    3. A global environment and living space conference
    If the three religious and three political / business conferences are held simultaneously, all thought forces around the world merge, making the world in any direction can be sent.
    Then and only then, will allow a combined Temple / Church / Mosque in Jerusalem to build.
    A pure political agreement in the Middle East will not bring peace because the religious problem remains unsolved. A permanent solution to the Middle East includes the religious part. Once this has been achieved, the power of the orthodox Jews in Israel permanently disappear. "
    (Note: The New Age - New World Order planners are very concerned about the power and influence of the Orthodox Jews. It will be the special target of the deceptions of the antichrist, so they are convinced that he will become their long-awaited Messiah. But when the Antichrist will begin his cruel persecution, then the orthodox Jews among the first victims.)
    "Such an agreement in the Middle East can only be made possible if there is a general fear of war. This fear must be maintained until the desired political and religious changes are made.
    At the right moment, the pope joined Jewish / Christian / Muslim sector in Jerusalem visit and announce that all religions into a world religion will be merged. That will end the impasse in the Middle East do. "
    Concept 3: The creation of the New World Order
    'By Alice Bailey (one of the founders of the very occult theosophical and esoteric movement) for itself' Spirit of Peace 'is rapidly possession of mankind. On page 173 of her book 'The externalization of the Hierarchy "she writes:
    "The combination of many minds in an activity is of utmost importance ... Unity of thought and goal-oriented is the guarantee of inevitable and future success. The strength of a mass mind is unlimited ... The Spirit of Peace floats close to humanity and the possibility to His Presence to be felt. The Spirit of Peace is not an abstract concept but a powerful individual, who uses the forces hitherto unknown to our planet. Great Forces are awaiting the hour that they can act as the liberators and Put Serstevens of humanity. But the door to their future needs by humanity itself open, and will be opened as an instrument of our united wish, expressed by a certain formula of words (prayers) and a certain sound. This will occur through a joint activity of all men and women of good will and all aspirants and disciples in the world. The door will only open if we collectively call through our focused will. The determination of the targeted person or group that the formula or a specific prayer of invocation will use is essential. "
    (Note: A few moments before the appearance of the Antichrist, there will be a kind of supernatural SOUND (the trumpet that announces the Record?) Be heard, that will be spiritually felt simultaneously by each man on the planet. Never before in the history will so many people at the same experience. Everyone around them will look up and see what has caused this noise. Then, as everyone here is focused, will everywhere, all over the planet, images of the Antichrist will appear, leading to the Humanity will speak, each in his own language. "signs and wonders" will be started.)
    Energiën will of the Hierarchy to earth flows and then the physical manifestation of Christ to produce. This energy can only occur when humanity raises its collective consciousness to the level of the right awoke recipients' (p. 617-618).
    There are three groups of people at the time of the Christ, Maitreya in physical form, will be known as the Messiah:
    1. The people whose consciousness at the right level, and so can accept.
    2. People with a slightly increased expression. Can he still does not immediately accept, but if they go 'enlightened' are.
    3. The people who will never accept.
    Accepting Christ is a completely personal matter. The pope will, when he moved to Jerusalem, a correct receiver for the Christ. "
    (Note: This would prove that the Pope is waiting for the disclosure of the Christ, which he himself as the biblical 'false prophet' of Christ will occur.)
    "The people of the third group, those who will never accept to compare with people who their whole life in a dark room to have lived. If a sudden, intense light in the room will appear, then the eyes of these people do not, and they way flights for the light and go to a room where it is dark. The people in Group 3 will therefore choose to go to another room. "

    "I do not know how that will happen, but people will leave this dimension."

    (Note: Lambert has referred to the inclusion of the Church. He did not speak about the murder of Christians by the antichrist, which until the 2nd half of the great oppression will take place. Lambert says that the moment of departure of people in Group 3, immediately after the appearance of the Christ '(the antichrist) will be, and that these people in a mysterious way voluntary' will disappear. It may well be that the guide spirits of the New Age leaders this story have devised for global inclusion of the Church to declare to the world. Therefore, the disappearance of so many people are not Christians ascribe to God, but by this false statement to mislead.)
    "One of the guide ghosts of Alice Bailey, 'DK', has revealed that as the Christ out occurs, his throne will be established on earth. But behind the door where evil lurks, should be kept close." DK identifies evil as the lowest level of human nature, where we live according to our primary basic nature.''
    (This evil lives in the members of Group 3, whose consciousness has not been elevated to the proper level, so it is not the proper recipients of the Christ can be. In other words, the members of Group 3, all born again Christians.)
    Concept 4: A cash-free economy
    'Contact money will disappear, and the crime. Each household will have a computer that everything can be bought and paid (Note: this was said in 1991, when almost nobody had a PC at home). Computers will be so small that they fit in your hand so you do small transactions can perform. The cost of computers will decline sharply so that even people in the assistance it can afford one. "
    Concept 5: Virtual Reality
    'Virtual Reality' is reality. Using computers and a helmet, a virtual world created, where you can live and virtual games can do. Computers are developed in mind and brain waves can react (2008: reality). (Note: everyone is familiar with virtual worlds on the Internet. Virtual 'helmets' are even, but not in ordinary households. Are already years applied in eg military, medical and industrial sector.)
    Concept 6: UFO's and Aliens are part of the New World Order
    There are benevolent beings that humanity will assist in achieving the great goal, a united, joined mankind. It will at one time public and ensure that the collective human consciousness a huge leap forward and make the Christ (Antichrist) will accept.
    Concept 7: The supernatural forces of the Christ
    If the Christ (Antichrist) is revealed Maitreya, he will appear in different ways:
    - To men as a man, to women as a woman
    - In white as a white to black as a black, etcetera.
    This will make no difference whether he on TV or in real life is, because he will show that he is all things to all people. "
    (Note: Due to a mix of (possible 'alien', ie demonic) technology and supernatural forces, there will be images projected into the air from the appearance of the antichrist, which people in their own language and as a member of their own ethnic group will address.)

    Lambert, who says of himself that his knowledge of a progressive spirit knew, no exact timetable for the disclosure of Maitreya as the Christ story, but believed on the basis of all developments in 1991, that the moment for 2010 would take place.

    Now we are 17 years and it is clear that the world is becoming more and ever faster pace to develop by the New Age scheduled time. The current problems in the world, financially, economically, the Middle East, etc .. The call for change and the creation of a common world government, a new world order, but only increase. And the forthcoming peace treaty between Israel and the Arab countries, which in 2009 will be confirmed by all major powers in the world, is also the time of the revelation of the Antichrist and the 'disappearance' of all born again Christians very close.I myself ricklbert once was a part of the world wide church of God but i am no longer a member.
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    “How is freedom measured, in individuals as in nations? By the resistance which has to be overcome, by the effort it costs to stay aloft. One would have to seek the highest type of free man where the greatest resistance is constantly being overcome: five steps from tyranny, near the threshold of the danger of servitude.”

    Friedrich Nietzsche

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