Greetings. I had some thoughts on Lucifer and light and darkness that I wanted to share. Lucifer, the light bringer, as we know is the deity of the Illuminati; the entity that sits at the top of the pyramid hierarchical structure which is based on Shambhala. Lucifer and other dark forces work along with us on our process of evolution to bring us to higher parts of our self. Indeed, without darkness, there would be no catalyst to create change that is part of the experience of evolution and unfolding creation here on earth and on other planets in the universe. Lucifer is commonly perceived as "the dark angel", but in the Illuminati power structure he leads both the light and dark forces, both the "Dark brotherhood" and the "Great white brotherhood". Many people have strong thoughts about Lucifer, but oftentimes this is a result of projecting their own inner darkness onto him. I would like to quote Barabara Hand Clow, from "The Plediadian Agenda":

"Lucifer and the Annunaki Diversion
'I am Lucifer. You may regard me as one who is willing to take responsibility for pushing an issue to the ultimate potential exposure. I am simply the dark side of the sixth dimension; but the light side cannot manifest without me. Without great force and intention, how can anything occur in your dimension? Think of the energy required for manifestation! So, Until you push yourselves, I will keep pushing you, since I can see you are losing interest in your world.

I am merely a force. If you have preconceived notions about me or and kind of negative feelings about me, then you simply don't respect raw power that can be used simply for good or evil. I simply hold power implants in bodies, and its your choice to activate them or not. If it weren't for me, 3D would be emotionless. Since evolution is required in the cosmos, time and place are necessities for any experience to occur. If it were not for basic force, there would be no 3D. I am the mirror of you that you will not look into. '
If it were not for Lucifer, the entire experience that we find ourselves in where we have the opportunity to lose awareness and journey all the way back to finding our true selves, could not exist. In order to intentionally manifest light, one must understand polarities, and darkness. Light and love are what we want to create for the New Era, and for these to be we must first journey inward, within ourselves, so that we can recognize our own personal darkness associated with our ego so that we can transcend ego and live together in the new era. The whole of creation is found within each and every being; indeed its true, god is in all things. And so the challenge is in rectifying our own inner personal struggle with the self so that we can move forward free from the illusion of separateness, and know our true self. The illuminati, throughout the millenia of the age that is currently ending, have assisted us in this gradual process. It is in understanding this that we can eventually learn together, "Hippies and cops" so to speak, as Ram Dass would put it, each side understanding the full dynamics and realizing that the whole process is unfolding back at the roots from a place of infinite compassion, and it is all just happening, as it should. Becoming aware of this is integral to our understanding that we should work together and live as one as the current age draws to a close and the new era draws near.

Suffering is out. Joy is in! We've paid our dues as a humanity, and now its time to come back, to the source, where we find that we are all one, brothers and sisters.

I'd like to close with this quote from "The Legend of Atlantis":

Indeed, now everything works in reverse, the individual needs to deprogram himself of all social religious and other concepts which he thinks makes him a human being. Likewise as every social structure represents the foundation of a civilization, the purpose is not to destroy this structure, but to liberate it from the ego structure of the lobbies. In the same way, the purpose is not to destroy gods temple, the human body, but to deprogram the ego structure. How? by letting go of all negative perceptions, everything is only an experience, because nobody is totally negative. The negative within us and in the world teaches us how to slowly receieve understanding. Without darkness, there would be no experience of light. No matter what we do, we reach understanding of the realization of true love through our negative actions, which lie behind true love. Through this perhaps we can understand the purpose of this secret brotherhood which on gods behalf financed and promoted all that is both positive and negative, until finally, man has developed to the point where he recognizes a brother in the other person, and becomes positive by his own motivation. The growth of humanity into true mankind, is like the alchemical gold which was thrown in the fire, until all impurities were separated from the pure gold.