Illuminati and Humanity

November 4, 2009

Much is currently visible from the so-called "Illuminati group" where many public figures seem to hear .. Their goal would be the world and Humanity completely undermine, control and ultimately destroy ...

The word "illumination" shouted at me the association of light .. And light is visible .. not only now but always al.! Now what makes it appear? And .. HOW humanity can deal with this massive wave of "opposing forces"?

"These groups have souls are fed by the field of unbridled power and control, its influence on mankind, often unconsciously .. The man already has the experience, the fight between "Light and Darkness" will be fought over their heads, and they called in a state of powerlessness to (want?) Look .. As if the man forgets his AUTHENTIC force field and thus the responsibility for "big things" from the hands or wishing to ... and thus themselves! "

Berry asks:

What allows this to us as individuals to see .. our own discord, negative thinking, imbalance in individuality, we educate yourself so negative field than that? And why is it now so visible, we can now only "see and accept our growth and to act differently now, or ..?

"Since, as mentioned earlier, all referred to a climax is pushed in this era and that, aeons (centuries) migration plan between Light and Dark, can do nothing else than to show .."

Berry asks:

The massive unrest will sow fear and confusion, and mainly large doubts about their own perception .. What can we do with it?

"First to see where these negative fields are feeding them .. And then to want to look at their contribution .. Own negativity, thoughts of separation, which can double as much disease in the substance can cause ... etc

Nobody has separated them, even from that which many fear threatens to call, IF it gets room .. What is the inner and outer balance in life, look to them ... And .. choices, they are of you, taken with a clear consciousness and awareness of Self-Consciousness particular, whether they are directed ...? I advise all of you, your awareness is very sharp and to keep alive to what kind of manipulation whatsoever .. I ask you not to distrust .. but, your entire field of consciousness to use ALL OVERLOOKING ALL DAY .. and then choose for themselves by becoming a sharper discernment!

Resulting in strong fields of shining ALLIANCE will rise, more powerful in its base, becoming more effective .. If ONE STOP Saying raised hands expressions OF LIGHT:
No fear in me Will I ever be able to dispel Being My essence remains ...

Everything has its Cosmic Purpose, you become known ... therefore often not understood by you, it unfolds before your eyes, it also belongs to you, it requires your attention ..! So there you continue in life without the indifference of the Heart. You all make a conscious human being transformational difference it .. Connect with other Hart, see him, feel him, see his soul and let loose, the frightened creations of doom think (2012? B.) Be Here Now But the break through Power Positive Negative Attention NOW is because something else in the Field Fri than yesterday or tomorrow ...

This Pure Beauty of Creation and Darkness to Light is Love ..

My Blessing J. "

Resume Berry:

It looks to me like a huge mirror, but also understanding the issues behind Cosmic 'Rules' the feeling behind the words .... A kind of collective sum, in terms of where we can go deeper in our consciousness, to boost its own energy action to be in complete thought .. ! Let's own our own responsibility and participate in the totality .. And individual, unpopular choices, sometimes outside the group (s) falling .. This gives new impetus, inspiration and keep awake the conscious His .. Let's go ... it is time ...

I wish us all raising the final veils, and then, we have the courage to look!

In warm relationship,

Berry Vincenta - October 2009.

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