Very thorough history of Rothchild up to present day

Comment left by a reader:

A staggering informative history of the Rothschild’s, that cannot but impress the most biased reader.

If true, the future is filled with foreboding for us all. The present day global crisis’ seem to fit in well with the progressive objectives of this immoral, consciousless, genetically cultured family of Satan.

It makes you conclude that the Devils surname must be Rothschild? My opinion of the future of the Rothschild’s and their goal of world domination, is that they will end up like all those who ruled the world in the past. FAILURES.

All that those World Powers of the past have left of their legacy of World domination is RUINS. Ruins which are nothing but a tourist attraction today.

Except these modern day Satanists will leave a WORLD in ruins. Business as usual for the human family. The pattern of human behavior NEVER fails. The Pharoah’s, the Caesars, Monarchs, Today it is the Rothschilds.

Different name, same end result. Ruins.