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my last interview given to ARQA publishing(editions) .
This interview is in two parts, of which the 2nd part will go out this summer .
I explain why these two paintings of family, unknown paintings of POUSSIN, reveal the secret of the painter, why they are well the reflection of the seal of POUSSIN:TENET CONFIDENTIAM, and brings us on the track of the square SATOR, magic square which is in the center of these paintings, of their secret guiding us towards the key of the mystery of RENNES THE CASTLE .
I explain how the Argonauts, theme of my picture JASON leads us until Arcadie, and.. Rome.
How POUSSIN uses SHEPHERDS of ARCADIE but only as "guide" with this famous sentence ET IN ARCADIA ego.
This sentence results of a subtle coding, made by the painter, to deliver us his secret, which is at the heart of this mystery of RENNES THE CASTLE. The key of this sentence and of its secret is revealed in my two paintings.