***Descendents of Subterranean Dwellers? ***

In legends & Lore of the American Indians (1993) edited by Terri Harden we find;

? ? Several tribes claim to have emerged from the interior of the earth. The Oneidas point to a hill near the falls of Oswego River, N.Y. as their birthplace; the Witchitas rose from the rocks around Red River; the Creeks from a knoll in the valley of Big Black River in the Natchez area, where dwelt the Master of Breath; the Aztecs were one of seven tribes that came out from the seven caverns of Aztlan ? and the Navajos believe that they emerged at a place known to them in the Navajo Mountains.? (Page 299)

On page 152 we find that ?the Mandan tribes of the Sioux suppose that their nation lived in a subterranean village near a vast lake.? The Zuni believe that, ?in the old days all men lived in caves in the center of the earth. There were four caves, one over the other. Men first lived in the lowest cave. It was dark. There was no light, and the cave was crowded. All men were full of sorrow.? (Page 268). Through several misadventures they finally reached the exterior of the earth.

According to the Pawnee story of creation,

?All living things were under the ground in confusion and asked one another what each was; but one day as the mole was digging around, he broke a hole through, so that the light steamed in, and he drew back frightened. He has never had any eyes since; the light put them out. The mole did not want to come out, but all the others came out on to the earth through the hole the mole had made.? (Page 123).

Another good source of this ancient knowledge is Native American Legends (1987) compiled and edited by George E. Lankford. On page 113 he tells us;

?What Chekilli, the head chief of the lower and upper Creeks [Indian tribes] said in a talk held in Savannah [Georgia] in 1735, and which was handed over by the interpreter ? word for word, as follows: ?At a certain time the earth opened in the west, where it?s mouth is. The earth opened and the Kasihtas [Creeks] came out ???

And on and on, tribe after tribe. Stories of their ancient ancestors emerging from subterranean lands in one way or the other seems to be a common one. Could these separate histories, which all jell into the same fact, be true?

Could some of the ancient Americans actually have come from under the ground we walk on? We?ll pursue this further in my next report.

***What Does the Bible Say? ***

Philippians 2:10 ? ? at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, of things in heaven, and things in earth, and things under the earth.?

Revelations 5:3 ?And no man in heaven, nor in earth, neither under the earth, was able to open the book [of the seven seals], neither to look thereon.?

Revelations 5:13 ?And every creature which is in heaven, and on the earth, and under the earth, and such as are in the sea ??

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