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Thread: Do you believe the Earth is hollow?

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    Do you believe the Earth is hollow?

    No, you goomba. The earth's subsurface is layers of several kinds of rock and in the center is molten lava. I'm surprised you don't know that.There are sections of "underground" just under the roads in major U.S. cities (New York, Chicago, LA) that have railroads and machinery and storage rooms that were left behind from the mob era, but they are no longer in use.

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    Do you believe the Earth is hollow?

    Maybe to a muon or a neutrino. What do we know that tells us anything other than that the earth is solid/molten? But I can see the underworlders trying communicate to us via volcanoes and earthquakes, "shave and a haircut, two bits."

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    Do you believe the Earth is hollow?

    If they can swim in lava....sure.

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    Do you believe the Earth is hollow?

    There are no civilisations living under the surface of the earth as you put it, in the 3rd dimension; but in a dimensional sense yes there is... We are surrounded by infinite dimensions, all supporting life, but not life as we perceive it, but life all the same... In Light... )O(

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    Do you believe the Earth is hollow?

    Hmm..i'm not sure because we don't know what is under there..we aren't able to travel that far into the surface of the earth.Now I would say no,but i've seen something on Unknown Universe that comes on the National Geographic Channel,and there are bacterial organisms that can live in extereme weather conditions,scientists went in a cave and there they found a fungus like bacteria that survives by eatting ROCKS!There might be bacteria,but I doubt that there ''advanced'' civilizations.

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