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Thread: Hollow Earth theory?

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    Hollow Earth theory?

    If anyone doesn't know, it is the theory that the Earth is hollow and possibly inhabitable. Some belive that certain members of the government and the Illuminati are hiding and hording this place for themselves when the surface (which they are supposedly intentionally killing) becomes inhabitable.I believe that most conspiracy theories are grounded in some amount of reality, but this one is ridiculous.What do you people think?

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    Hollow Earth theory?

    It has zero merit. The composition of the Earth has been proven beyond a reasonable doubt.

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    Hollow Earth theory?

    Some say that that is where UFO's come from ? But there is a better one . That it is hollow as it is growing that is the planet .

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    Probationary UHF Member Bo D's Avatar
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    Hollow Earth theory?

    #1- I beleive I am stupider for having read this question. #2- I beleive the fact that you have to ask it, or even type it, should tell you how unbeleivably unintelligent you are. #3- The statement "i beleive that most conspiracy theories are grounded in some amount of reality" attests to how completely devoid of critical thinking and common sense you are. p.s.- Hey, I heard a conspiracy theory yesterday that that 9-11 was a big ploy by "The Illuminati" to gain control of the world's oil in order to power secret space travel time machines they have that they're hiding under a chicken sandwich in my refridgerator....hey....i guess that story is "grounded in some amount of truth"......wow...you win Stupidest Person Of The Day honors.

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    Hollow Earth theory?

    I thinque I am still chuckling after reading the answer given by Bo D!!Timothy)

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    Hollow Earth theory?

    Jules Verne used the idea to write a very entertaining novel, Journey to the Center of the Earth. But other hollow-earthers - the ones that actually believe in it - have all been far less imaginative than Verne.

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    Hollow Earth theory?

    I think anyone who would believe that is beyond help but instead of just saying "that's wrong" I will give some reasons why it can't be so.1. The average density of earth is 5.515 g/cm3 compared with an average crustal density of about 2.8 g/cm3. Therefore there must be something in the centre more dense than at the surface.2. Gravity: the amount of pressure a gas would have to be under to resist the inward pressure of the rest of earth would result in 2 things. Firstly it would likely be so high that the formerly gaseous elements would become solid. Secondly even if that didn't occur the pressure would still be too great to live in.3. The average speed of a P wave transmitted through the earth rules out any kind of gas.

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