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Thread: Do anyone know about Hollow Earth?

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    Do anyone know about Hollow Earth?

    I need some reasons why The Hollow Earth Theory is pseudoscience (not real).Easy Points!!!!

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    Do anyone know about Hollow Earth?

    1. Modern science has dismissed this theory because of the overall knowledge of planet formation.2. If the earth was hollow, there would be less gravity on the earths surface and everyone would be floating.3. There is no know force that could keep the earth from collapsing in on itself if it was hollow.4. If our planets mass was that much different, it would affect our orbit of the sun as well as the moons orbit around us.

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    Do anyone know about Hollow Earth?

    Volume of earth (calculated) and mass of earth (determined by measuring gravitational constant) give a density of earth greater than that of typical crust material; therefore, the center of earth must be much denser; i.e., iron/nickel core.

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    Do anyone know about Hollow Earth?

    1. The average density of earth is more than would be possible if there was only crustal material so there must be something else.2. Following from 1, the gravitational force produced by the earth is too large.3. Seismic waves can travel through the internal area of the earth at faster speeds that they would be able to if there was no liquid/solid internal material.4. The pressure inside the earth due to gravity is too strong for there to be a hollow area, if there was gas it would be compressed to a solid anyway. 5. The magnetic field; there is nothing in the crust which produces a strong enough magnetic force to explain the magnetic field. The only possibility therefore is that it is generated by a core.6. Plate tectonics; there needs to be some form of driving force for them and something to support them from below, there also needs to be an internal source of heat to drive the process. In this section you can also include volcanoes and earthquakes as they are both primarily driven by tectonic processes.That's all I can think of off the top of my head right now, I'm sure there are more.

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