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Thread: the theory of hollow earth?

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    the theory of hollow earth?

    The seismic echoes from earthquakes and atomic explosions travel through the earth and their speed cam be accurately measured. They do not travel around the outside of it or through any open spaces.

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    the theory of hollow earth?

    I've studied this idea for several years, not as a result of movies or others input but the passages in the Bible. So I believe I have the answer. First the north & south poles are evidence to support this idea. The earths crust, possibly 2000 miles thick at the equator & 1500 miles thick at the poles, The result of spinning causing centrifugal force would put the center 750 miles deep at the poles & 1000 miles deep at the equator causeing the magnetic poles as a result of the depth of the molten metal center. As an example of the earth not collapseing to the center of the sphere imagine the crust being formed from 2000 mile diameter spheres, each supporting itself and then in between each sphere being filled in to form a larger sphere.

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    the theory of hollow earth?

    you can come up with all kinds of reasons why it's pseudoscience, but all those reasons are imaginary because the earth is hollow.

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    the theory of hollow earth?

    How about: "Well you feel gravity right?At the gravity you feel stone or even metal is not strong enough to hold an empty spherical shape of the size of the earth."

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    the theory of hollow earth?

    It's real and it's called Hell...

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